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  • 19,90 € DIY Mini Kit Vape District

    DIY Mini Kit Vape District

    A rigid fabric box containing 5 essential tools to confection your coils.
    4.7/5 576 Reviews
    • Colour Black
    Out of stock
  • 45,90 € Tool Case Vape District

    Tool Case Vape District

    All the necessary for extreme coils, perfect to start in reconstructable materials.
    4.78/5 792 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 5,90 € Pair of Scissors Vape District

    Pair of Scissors Vape District

    A pair of precision scissors to confection your DIY coils.
    3.5/5 8 Reviews
    • Colour Metal
  • 4,80 € Beak Tweezer Vape District

    Beak Tweezer Vape District

    Fine and angled pliers in stainless steel to confection coils and install cotton fibers.
    4.81/5 144 Reviews
    • Colour Metal
  • 3,90 € Vape Tweezer Vape District

    Vape Tweezer Vape District

    Ideal accessory to stabilise your coils with ceramic tips and to unblock stuck materials.
    4.54/5 710 Reviews
    • Colour Black
    Out of stock
  • 5,90 € Steel Vape Brush Vape District

    Steel Vape Brush Vape District

    An accessory which allows you to clean your coils and keep them well maintained.
    4.65/5 1067 Reviews
    • Colour Metal
    Out of stock
  • 4,80 € Ceramic Tip Tweezers Vape District

    Ceramic Tip Tweezers Vape District

    Tweezer with a ceramic tip for the assembly of your coils.
    4.76/5 462 Reviews
    • Choice Metal
    Out of stock
  • 3,90 € Multi-functional Screwdriver - Vape District

    Multi-functional Screwdriver - Vape District

    A multi-functional screwdriver with 4 different tips for it to be compatible with a majority of atomisers.
    4.57/5 357 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 3,00 € Coil Trimmer

    Coil Trimmer

    A tool to precisely cut the coils on your postless assembly plate and assembly plot plates.
    4.66/5 83 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 18,90 € Ohmmeter Vape District

    Ohmmeter Vape District

    A work station for your reconstructable atomisers. Ohmmeter function and heating of coils.
    4.49/5 356 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 5,90 € Vape District Cutting Pliers

    Vape District Cutting Pliers

    For the perfect cut of your resistive wires and coils with a net and precise result for your assemblies
    4.73/5 233 Reviews
    • Colour Red
    Out of stock
  • 11,90 € Coiling Kit V4 Vape District

    Coiling Kit V4 Vape District

    A kit to make your own coils with tools and 5 frames. For coils in 1,5 to 4 mm in diameter.
    4.76/5 575 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 1,90 € LPV Wood Tank Stand

    LPV Wood Tank Stand

    A tank stand for your atomisers, in Beech wood and a diameter of 24mm for the connection.
    4.79/5 62 Reviews
    • Choice

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