Welcome to the https://www.lepetitvapoteur.com/en/ website (le « Site »). At LE PETIT VAPOTEUR, if we do not bake golden brown cookies, you can use our other cookies on our website. And for those who share their recipes with their friends, we have elaborated for our users of the website a cookie management policy (the “Policy” to inform you about the use and means at your disposal so you can refuse them.  


What are cookies ?

In computer jargon, the cookies are small files deposited or read on your terminal (computer, smartphone, digital tablet, etc) when you consult an internet website or install an application on your smartphone for example.   


When are the cookies installed ?

The recording of cookies in your terminal and the utilisation are subject to your consent which is formalized in the following:

  • When you visit the website for the first time, a prior information band is displayed on the page to inform you:

     - the use of the cookies on the website as well as their purpose
     - this signifies that you accept the deposit of cookies on your terminal

  • this banner gives you direct access to the policy

Please note that some cookies are exempt from consent and are placed on your terminal even oif you do refuse the cookies. They also include technical cookies which are necessary for the correct functioning of the website.   

The cookies have a limited life expectancy of 13 months. After this delay they are automatically disactivated and your consent will be requested once again.


What cookies are used on the website ?

Like in the kitchen, there exists different types of cookies used on the web:

  • Cookies technical functions: The cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the website. Its use is to offer an optimal navigation experience, to fluidly display your web pages, saving your login details and shopping basket or even allowing you to benefit with different services such as our chat service or to visualise the content of the videos.
  • Cookies performance: the cookies allow you to establish the relative statistics relating to the traffic and use of our site by determining for example the number of visits and which pages have been more or less visited, by evaluating the navigation of users on the site and to repair dysfunctional techniques. It contributes towards the constant amelioration of our site.
  • Shared Cookies: the cookies are used so you can share the pages that you like with your friends via different social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
  • Targeting Cookies: the cookies allow you to track the internet browsing including the operating system that you use, and the pages that you consult. The information is then used as non-identifying on a basis of various advertisements and commercial offers which are tailored to your supposed interests which will be proposed to you. 

Certain cookies in the list above, either used on or from the site can be set up but also be used by third party companies for their own needs (third party cookies). These third-party cookies that we know of are used by Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, as well as YouTube. The cookies are also in consequence, subject to the privacy policies of these third-party companies (see below) if you wish to obtain more information about the utilisation of the cookies.

How to handle the recording of the cookies on your terminal?


It is possible to try the cookies by consulting our website or by visiting our stores, depending on your convenience; and it is equally possible to accept or refuse the installation of the cookies on your terminal!  

On our website you freely have the choice to accept or not the installation, there is also a cookie management tool available so you can accept or refuse them. You can set your choice at any time by accessing our management tools which is accessible by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of each page of our site. 

We draw attention to the consequences which can occur if you block certain cookies, including the impact of your experience when browsing the website. If you block the technical cookie functions there is the risk of not having access to certain parts of the website and to some services; in a similar way if you refuse the targeted cookies, you will uniquely receive non personalised ads.

To complement this, we also inform that in your navigation settings you can also accept or refuse the cookies by default, which can be easily configured for you to refuse the cookies.

Policy Update

This policy may be modified or adjusted, in particular to consider legal and jurisprudential developments, decisions or recommendations of the CNIL, or to simply update the information which is indicated. We encourage you to review this policy regularly: Last Updated: 06/09/2021. 


For more information about the utilisation of Cookies, we invite you to contact the following email address: [email protected] or consult the National Commission of IT on their following website: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser