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The battery of an electronic cigarette is an element which should not be neglected. 

The battery of an e-cigarette is the part which feeds all the electrical system. There are different types available in several brands. It is very important to correctly choose the battery of your electronic cigarette as it assures more or less the duration and utilisation of your product. Amongst these for example the Aegis Mini Box has a compact e cigarette battery, performant and resistant to shocks!

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How to choose the battery for the electronic cigarette?

The battery of the e-cigarette is essential for the product to start. It is considered as its engine. The first criteria to consider when choosing the battery for your e-cigarette is the daily consumption of cigarettes, and also the autonomy to cover your needs. The autonomy is measured in mAh (milliampere-hour). More the value is important, the better the autonomy for the battery of the electronic cigarette. For example 350mAh corresponds to around 5 cigarettes and 3000 mAh to 35 cigarettes.

Which voltage for the battery of the electronic cigarette ?

In addition there is a distinction between a voltage electronic cigarette battery and a varied voltage one. First case the battery always has the same output as the voltage whether you can not vary the intensity. In the second case, the output voltage can be modified depending on your preference, via the wheel which is located under the battery or by successive clicks on the button (switch). A growth of the voltage allows important heating of the system which develops the rendering of flavours as well as the volume and vapor.