My DIY Box


With the DIY Box, you can compose you BF High-End Mod as you wish. Ino Factory and Le Petit Vapoteur proposes you a Meca BF Mod, so you can choose the components and assemble together your mod with a simple screwdriver in a few seconds.

It is up to you to choose the box of your dreams with a large choice of materials, Delrin, Ultem, PMMA or even Wood. You can change the style of your DIY as each piece is sold individually.

Association of the DIY Box Ino Factory with the Leto RDA 24 Titanide

Plates and Screws

You can find with the DIY Box a complete kit with screws and 2 plates. One superior plate for the connection with a One BF connector. It is entirely assembled with insulators and a connection strip. The plate is made in Stainless Steel SS304 and the connection strip in silver-plated Beryllium. The inferior plate is also in Steel SS304 and are numbered from 1 to 1000.

The Body

The body of the DIY Box will contain 1 x 18650 battery (non-included as well as a BF bottle Silicone. We propose a body in translucent Ultem, black or white Delrin. The body is in PMMA of different translucent colours as well as several wooden pieces.

Start Switch

The start switch or button for the connection is proposed in several finishes which you can choose from: opaque or translucent Delrin (black or coloured). As well as translucent Ultem.

 18650 Tube

To protect the 18650 battery (non-included) and to have an elegant design, the DIY Box proposes different tubes to choose from: Steel SS304, Delrin – opaque or translucent but also translucent Ultem.

Caps for the Battery

There are also closing « caps » for the tube of your battery. They are proposed in silver or gold-plated finishes.

BF Bottle

To finish, to have a complete Bottom-Feeder Mod, the DIY Box proposes a large choice of colours for the silicone BF Bottle (food grade). The bottle is equipped with a cap and tube, and also has a capacity of 6ml.  

Installation of your DIY Box:

  • Screw on the tube for the battery to the inferior plate
  • Place the button in the body
  • Insert the Superior plate on the body
  • Screw together with the help of the 2 screws provided
  • Insert the BF Bottle
  • Insert the battery in the tube, positive pole (+) towards the top. Screw the cap on the battery
  • Your DIY Box is ready

Features of the DIY Box :

Dimensions 82 x 47 x 26 mm Connection  One BF  Connecter 
Connection Diameter 24 mm Capacity 6 ml
Material Stainless Steel SS304/Wood/Delrin/PMMA/Ultem Battery 1 x 18650

The DIY Box is made by Ino Factory in collaboration with Le Petit Vapoteur.

The DIY is delivered with:

  • 1 Body
  • 1 Superior Plate with a complete BF Connecter
  • 1 Numbered Inferior Plate
  • 2 Screws
  • 1 Buttons
  • 1 Tube
  • 1 Battery Cap
  • 1 BF Bottle

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