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The electronic cigarette is now part of the tools promoted by the French Health Organisations, especially during the month of Free-Me from Tobacco. The e-cigarette can be constituted to help or reduce the consumption of tobacco by 3 dependencies of smokers:

  • The physical dependency by supplying the need of nicotine.
  • The behavioural dependency allowing to conserve the body language.
  • The psychological dependency itself conserves the pleasure of smoking.

According to the High Council for Public Health, the electronic cigarette allows you to completely stop smoking “reduce the risk of developing serious health problems such as cancer”

Public Health England, otherwise known as the British Ministry of Health, consider that vaping is 95% less harmful than the cigarette. It explains that the vapor produced by an e-cigarette does not contain carbon monoxide or any other toxic substances or carcinogenic which are present in tobacco cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette allows you to economize as it costs a lot less overtime. This becomes truer as the price of tobacco continues to increase which is 2020 is now 10€.

All the assets which makes an e-cig, the first to be used in France for smoking cessation. The electronic cigarette allows according to figures more than 700,00 French to say goodbye to smoking. Is it your turn now?

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