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Zoom in on the First box LPV

Zoom in on the First box LPV

05/30/2023  /   Device Actualities

Ladies and gentlemen, Le Petit Vapoteur is pleased to present the First Box LPV! A beautiful device for vaping with a variety of atomisers, suitable for vapers of all kinds.

first box lpv leto titanide blog le petit vapoteur

The First Box is designed to be accessible to vapers of all levels, whether beginners or experts, for both MTL (mouth-to-lung) or cloud-chasing vaping. And it has a unique design that stands out.

first box lopv pro care blog le petit vapoteur

Another similarity with the First Pod is that the design of the First Box was created at Le Petit Vapoteur. The First Box has a unique design and style, with a porthole-shaped screen and a few blue lights on a black background. Everything goes well with black, and since the 510 connection provides ample space, you can even use atomisers with a diameter of 28 mm.

first box huracan aspire blog le petit vapoteur

It accepts coils starting from 0.10 Ω, so there will be no compatibility issues. In summary, the First Box makes a great setup with a wide range of atomisers, clearomisers, and rebuildables.

atlantis 2 first box lpv blog le petit vapoteur

At first glance, it may not look like it, but even with its 4000 mAh battery, the box is lightweight, weighing only 152 g, which makes it comfortable to hold throughout the day. Of course, with such battery life, this mod is designed for a long-lasting vape.

écran first box lpv blog le petit vapoteur

The First Box is also a team effort as it focuses on the chipset as the team wanted something practical, simple, and efficient. What could be better than a box that gets straight to the point for peaceful vaping, with genuine useful features that don't require reading the user manual ? With the First Box, you can adjust the power from 1 to 100 watts, and that's pretty much the only setting the vaper will have to make. The mod takes care of the rest automatically.

atlantis first box lpv blog le petit vapoteur

The Smart function, available on all mods these days, is functional right from the installation of the atomiser. No need to search for it in the menu. It is a protection for the coil, preventing it from receiving unintentionally high power. Need an example ? Let's say you prefer indirect inhalation vaping, and your atomiser's coil is at 0.9 Ω. The First Box automatically sets the power to 15 watts when you install the atomiser. Of course, you can still adjust this power level.

finitions first box lpv blog le petit vapoteur

Don't overlook the memory function of the chipset, which is also automatic. It simply allows you to store two power settings based on the atomiser used. Let's say you typically use two atomisers, one at 50 watts and the other at 20 watts with a different coil value. The chipset recognises the atomisers based on their ohm values and adjusts the power accordingly, without any manual intervention required. Convenient, isn't it?

verrou écran first box lpv blog le petit vapoteur

Another safety feature is the power lock to prevent unintended presses on the setting buttons. On the First Box, simply press both setting buttons simultaneously for two seconds. A lock symbol will appear on the screen. To unlock it, repeat the same operation. That gives us two settings.

itank et first box blog le petit vapoteur.jpg

You'll love it, the mod's non-slip coating and flush-mounted switch are quite pleasant, yes, indeed. So, those are the little secrets of the First Box LPV. Now, all you have to do is grab your favorite atomiser and enjoy a good vaping session.

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Pascal & Sam

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08/7/2023 08:45:45

Bonjour Yannick. Pour l'instant, il n'y a pas possibilité d'éteindre les LEDs. Cordialement.


08/6/2023 00:12:59

Bonjour, J'ai acheté la box et j'en suis plutôt satisfait, cependant je souhaiterai désactiver les anneaux de lumière bleu car le soir ils font beaucoup trop de lumière. Comment puis je faire cela ? Merci beaucoup !

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