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de-mineralized water The de-mineralized water (between 0 to 5%) serves to fluidize (liquid down) the mixture because the Vegetable Glycerine compound is relatively thick. Food Flavorings The Food Flavorings represents between 3 to 15% of liquid. The aroma brings flavor to the liquid. It can be composed of natural aromatized substances, synthetic substances or even a mixture of both. base Representing 80 to 90 % of mixture, the base is composed of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), which both participate to enhance a low temperature. nicotine The nicotine is in pure liquid form, it is obtained by the extraction of tobacco leaves. It is an alkaloid which has a weak dosage and the effects are stimulating, and is rapidly eliminated by the organisms. The nicotine concentration level is between 0mg/ml to 18mg/ml depending on your nicotine level. Alcohol The Ethyl Alcohol (between 0 to 5%) serves to fluidize (liquid down) and encourage the >. This equally serves to exhaust the homogenizing taste. The alcohol provides the softness in the mouth.
Vapor ? The hit is a sensation in the throat which is known to all smokers, which is caused by the contraction of the pharynx whilst the passing of the steam. It is commonly used in the cosmetic, food and medical industry.

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