At Le Petit Vapoteur we have always been attentive to our customer reviews. To be sure that our customers express themselves very clearly and transparent we have called upon, in 2013 the independent company avis-verifies.com.

Since then there has been hundreds of thousands of reviews which has been collected.

For our company these reviews are essential as they allow us to continue to ameliorate our services and they help us better understand the expectations of our customers. This is also a great way for all visitors to see how serious and see our professionalism.

It also gives our customers to globally note orders, the avis-verifies.com company allows our customers to evaluate individually the products that they purchase. This « avis produits » is presented on all of our products, which constitutes of additional source information for all our customers. On our side, we consider each return to optimise our catalogue.

Today, leaders on the market of electronic cigarettes , we are convinced that the success of Le Petit Vapoteur is before all the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. Therefore we are counting on you to continue confiding in us with your impressions, your advice, and constructive criticisms so that we can continue to improve.

Review Control

Our customer reviews by avis-verifies.com is certified in accordance with NF Standards ensuring perfect authenticity and total transparency. We respect the following rules

 - No consideration is provided in exchange for reviews;

- The reviews are not changeable: if a client wishes to change their review, they must contact Avis Vérifiés to cancel the existing review and publish their new review.  

- Reasons for deletion are limited and defined here.

- The reviews are published and conserved for 5 years.

- For more information about the review control features and the possibility to contact the author of reviews, please consult the Verified Reviews T&Cs.

Review Accessibility

There exists two types of reviews at Le Petit Vapoteur: « site reviews » and « product reviews ». Here is how to consult the reviews:

  • Reviews about the Le Petit Vapoteur Website

The reviews on the website are accessible via the top left-hand corner of the menu (via PC) or the band  « Vos Avis » which is present on the home page (via PC or smartphone). The reviews include information about purchase experiences and the quality of services (customer services, deliveries…).

  • Product reviews

The product reviews are accessible via the product sheets. It allows the customer to judge the quality of the electronic cigarette , accessories, e liquid, etc. The product reviews are always linked to a verified purchases on the Le Petit Vapoteur website which guarantees their veracity.

How to put your review on the Le Petit Vapoteur website ?

Around 7 days after your order on the Le Petit Vapoteur website, you will receive an email from the avis-verifies.com company. This message can sometimes be found in your  « SPAMS » in your emails.

Once opened, you will be asked to share your experience. You will then be directed towards the avis-verifies.com so that you can give your global evaluation of the website and evaluate the products purchased. In both cases you can add your comment explaining your comments.