E-liquids Minimal

Minimal, is the first range of Nicotine Salts E Liquids which has come out on the French Market. Present in it's natural state in tobacco leaves, the Nicotine Salts differentiate from the traditional Nicotine offering sensations close enough to the classic cigarette. There is also the advantage of a softer hit in the throat (senation in the throat), which allows you to utilise the rate of increased nicotine. The Nicotine Salts E Liquids from the range Minimal principally addresses to smokers who wish to stop, and to smoker-vapers in search of discretion and maximum efficiency. To benefit in complete serenity, the e liquids contain Nicotine Salts which must be used with the Electronic Cigarette weak in power and the coils have a value which is increased (superior in ohms). The range of Minimal E liquids are made in France by The Fuu. 


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Nicotine Salts, Minimal Range Of E Liquids 

The Minimal E Liquids by The Fuu contains Nicotine Salts, the first in France! The E liquids represent a good alternative for smokers who wish to use the Electronic Cigarette to stop smoking. The Nicotine Salts are, have the effect more efficient than traditional Nicotine allowing you to obtain the satisfaction compared to the classic cigarette. 

E Liquids to easily stop smoking

The Minimal Range, are 3 Nicotine Salts E Liquids with flavours which are perfectly adapted for smokers. if you wish to have en e liquid, therefore close enough to a cigarette, then you should turn towards the Classic Minimal. If you are searching for different tastes, we advise you to try the Mint Minimal E Liquids or Vanilla Minimal E Liquids. If you are a heavy or moderate smoker, you will need the Minimal E Liquids. 

The E Liquids are made in France

If you are searching for French E Liquids? This is the case for the range of Minimal E Liquids from the The Fuu enterprise. This society is the first to propose e liquids in Nicotine Salts made in France. A real innovation in the world of French Vape.