E-liquids  MINT

For the amateurs of freshness and power, the minty aromas are incontrolable. The Iced Mint E-Liquid is a liquid which proposes a mixture of freshness, find your Mint E-Liquid, this not a slim affair.

Find the best Mint E-Liquids from all our suppliers in our shop.Choose the compostion to your preference and taste the different flavours which are proposed for you to find the best Mint E Liquid. Iced Mint or Cocktail Mint? Make your choice! 

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Mint Flavours

Find all the Mint and Freshness flavours amongst our vast choice of e liquids for the Electronic Cigarette. Le Petit Vapoteur propose the best brands of E Liquids with Mint and Freshness Flavours are most surprising and refreshing. With your choice of e liquids, the freshness is declined as almost infinite: Fresh Mint, Peppermint, Iced Mint, etc... You will find here and All Day for your Electronic Cigarette.