What is CBD ?

The Principal

The CBE E Liquid has natural hit which can replace the Nicotine, avoiding the need and effects for Nicotine. Specially composed for vaping CBD, under pure Cannabidiol crystal form, it must be adapted with a few Watts and Coils around 1.0Ω. The CBD E Liquid is not a Psychotropic, it does not encourage addiction and is certainly not Medication.

+ Effect
- Effect
The artificial and/or natural Food Flavourings bring flavours to the E Liquid. It represents 3 to 15% composition of E Liquid which is adapted to vaping. The base is composed of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine in proportions which do vary. The base represents 80% to 90% of E Liquid. The PG dilutes and transports the aromas of CBD. The VG brings the vapor. Adapted for CBD, the base is often a composition of 70 / 30% in PG/VG. The CBD in E liquids is found under the purest form: CBD Crystals. The pure CBD Crystals are analysed and controlled in laboratories. The CBD is a molecule which belongs to the Cannabidiol family. A molecule which does not present euphoric psychotropic effects which is legal. The CBD concentration is from 10mg/ml and 50mg/ml following the dosage.

Which CBD E Liquid is made for you?

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What is CBD?

The CBD is a Cannabidiol, a molecule from the Cannabinoids family present in the Cannabis Sativa and Hamp Industry. The Cannabinoids are compositions which can influence the functioning of the human nervous system. There a nearly hundreds, most recognised THC, CBG and CBD. The molecules are different depending on their chemical structure and their actions. On the contrary to THC, CBD is not a psychotropic and does not have any euphoric effect.  It is for this reason it is not governed by the Narcotics Act. 

The Cannabidiol however has a number of therapeutic applications which are very interesting for scientists for 10 years. Lately, CBD has been clinically evaluated for the treatment of anxiety, psychosis or epilepsy. All we know today is that this molecule and the effects play a large part in research. 

What are the effects of CBD?

The CBD has a number of pharmacology effects, certain prove more than others. Here is a list of the supposed principal effects:


  • The CBD and Smoking cessation or nicotine withdrawal

Many scientific experiences shows that Cannabidiol allows the reduces the urge symptoms linked to addiction. Amongst this,  a test has been carried out in 2013 which has an interesting impact with the consumption of CBD with public smokers. After 2 weeks of tests, studies have shown that smokers who inhale CBD have reduced their consumption by 40%. The scientists behind this experience argue that this molecule can be efficient to treat the addiction of Nicotine. A very interesting characteristic, if it is proven for those who wish to start the process of smoking cessation and withdrawal of nicotine.


  • The Anxiolytics properties of CBD

A study published in 2015 has shown that Anxiolytic properties of CBD is effective in treating certain disorders linked to anxiety. An experiment conducted in 2017 on animals and humans which has confirmed this point of view. With all this needed to be verified, it is today that it has been commonly

accepted that CBD can have relaxing and soothing effects. It is also efficient to treat sleeping disorders (more so linked to anxiety and stress).


  •  The Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory properties of CBD

The CBD can have Analgesic (painkiller) and Anti-Inflammatory effects. However, these properties have been scientifically substantiated. 

It is important to note that the CBD E Liquid is not a medication and the effects remain a controversial subject. In any case the consumption of CBD is NOT a substitute for medical treatment. 

Does the CBD have Negative Effects?

The CBD when inhaled, it has light irritating effect which provokes the natural « hit », quite similar to the one that provokes the Nicotine. The hit is more powerful and lasts longer in time (from 5 to 10 seconds). This can be limited in the frame of vaping, in function with sensibility. 

The CBD can also provoke light sleeping effects, which depends on the sensitivity of each molecule. It is therefore strongly advised NOT to consume the product before driving or any professional activity. 

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

The CBD and THC are Cannabinoids which are from the same origin, but are regularly mingled. However, the molecules are different and can cause diametrically opposed effects. The THC is a strong psychotropic drug which tends to "hover". The CBD is not psychotropic and tends to counter-balance out the effect of THC. To simplify, we can say the THC "over charges" the nervous system where as the CBD tends to do the complete opposite. 

The CBD equally has alot less secondary effects than the THC, the presumed toxicity which is extremely weak. It is for this reason that the Cannabidiol has been more studied by the scientific community (near enough 1000 studies have been published in the last 5 years). 

The difference in size does not prevent the 2 molecules to be complementary, and has led certain pharmaceutical laboratories to associate under the form of medicine (in this case Sativex).


What is CBD for the Electronic Cigarette?

A CBD E Liquid generally contains:

  • Pure CBD Crystals. A form guaranteeing the absence of contaminated molecules and in particular the absence of THC. 
  • A base composed of Propylene Glycol (PG) Vegetable Glycerine (VG) which you can find in all e liquids to be perfectly compatible with the Electronic Cigarette.
  •  One or more aromas which allow you to give more flavour to the inhaled vape. (Not all CBD E Liquids contain aromas).

The same way an E Liquid indicates the rate of nicotine, the CBD E Liquid indicates the Cannabidiol dosage. The dosage can be expressed in two ways. In MG - the quantity of Cannabidiol or the concentration of Cannabidiol in the bottle. 

Here are some conversion examples:

  • 150 mg of CBD in a 10ml Bottle = 15 mg/ml 
  • 300 mg of CBD in a 10ml Bottle = 30 mg/ml
  • 500 mg of CBD in a 10ml Bottle = 50 mg/ml

NB: The CBD E Liquid has a concentration of 50mg/ml containing 10 times more Cannabidiol than a 10ml bottle of containing 50mg of CBD. So please pay attention to the expressed dosage. 

What is the interest to inhale CBD?

The interest is linked to bioavailability. When you inhale a molecule, the body does not absorb all. The proportion of the molecule absorbed by the body, reportedly brings the total quantity of the consumed molecule, which we call bioavailability. Concerning the CBD, with a n intravenous injection by definition the effects are 100%: 20% by inhaling and 8% ingested. The inhaling offers strong absorption of the molecule consumed by ingestion, as well as rapid sensory signals transferred to the brain. To finish, the

CBD is good for vape as it vaporises the temperature which are in order of magnitude that can be achieved with the Electronic Cigarette.


What E Liquids can we find at Le Petit Vapoteur?

The CBD E Liquids are available at Le Petit Vapoteur and have been selected to meet standards in force with a transparent fabrication process and guaranteed traceability.

We have chosen to exclude from our catalogue all e liquids composed with Hemp Oil enriched with CBD. Of course, less expensive, the products in effect can contain improper compositions in consumption and inhaling. They are also likely to contain THC and have a CBD concentration which does not correspond to what is indicated on the label to the bottle. So, it is for all these reasons we consider these e liquids to be proscribed

You will not find on our Website products under the form of CBD Oils. These products are not E Liquids and are not produced to be vaped. 

How to Vape CBD E Liquid?

The CBD E Liquid can be used with any type of Electronic Cigarette. The choice of material depends on the usual habits of the vaper, and of course the preference  of Direct or Indirect Inhaling.

However, you must know that the CBD provokes a natural « hit » which is compared to the hit provoked by nicotine. If the hit is disagreeable, you should not hesitate to lower the power delivered by your Electronic Cigarette or increase the value of the coil. 

The CBD E Liquid is relatively at a high price. There is no interest to use material which is designed to vaporise a large quantity of e liquid and produce alot of vapor. We advise you to opt for a material which is more economic. 


Our selection of the Best Electronic Cigarettes to vape with CBD E Liquids:

Our Selection of the Best Clearomisers to vape with CBD E Liquids:

NB: A CBD E Liquid generally has a particular strong odour, so we advise you to dedicate a Clearomiser uniquely for the consumption of CBD Liquids. 

Which CBD dosage to choose?

The feeling effect you have when inhaling CBD are varied depending on the person. There a no general rules and all depends on the sensibility of each person, as well as the usual consumption or not of cannabinoids. It is therefore important to take your time to discover the product and adapt yourself to the consumption in function with the sensations. 

The dosage of your CBD E Liquid can also depend on the Electronic Cigarette which you utilise. If it is to vape with large quantities of liquid, you should opt for a low dosage. 

The dosage of your CBD E Liquid may or finally depend on how you want to consume it:

  • A low dosage (inferior or equal to 10 to 15mg/ml or 100, 150mg/10ml) can have a light effect and is adapted to punctual and repetitive use for a long duration of the day. 
  • An average dosage (around 30mg/ml or 300mg/10ml) will have a stronger effect. It is recommended for vaping sessions spaced out over time. 
  • A high dosage (around 50mg/ml or 500mg/10ml) is reserved for very occasional use. 

The CBD E Liquid has a superior concentration of 50mg/ml which must be absoloutley considered as a CBD Booster, and must be diluted in a neutral base with NO NICOTINE.  


Is it possible to overdose on CBD?

To overdose is theoretically possible but remains improbable as the necessary dosage to overcome this is extremely huge. A report published by "Current Drug Safety" indicates the effect of consumption by 1500mg/ml per day (the equivalent of 3 x 10ml bottles dosed at 50mg/ml) did not have negative effects on humans.

The supposed effects of an overdose of CBD are benine (drowsiness, numbness and muscle stifness) should fade quickly. However, by precaution, it nis considered to vape CBD E Liquids with moderation and not to abuse it. 

Can we add Nicotine to CBD E Liquids  CBD ?

It can be done but it is not really interesting. The association of Nicotine (stimulant) and CBD (calming) can start to lose effect of the 2 molecules. It is advised to differentiate the consumption of Nicotine E Liquid and CBD E Liquid. 

How to conserve CBD E Liquids?

CBD E Liquids must be conserved in a dry place away from light, at room temperature and out of reach from children and animals.

Is CBD E Liquid Legal?

The purchase, the possession and consumption of CBD E Liquid for the Electronic Cigarette is legal in France, from the moment it contains a THC rate inferior of 0.20% (European Norm). In this case, in particular, the e liquids are composed of Pure CBD Crystals, a form guaranteeing the absence of THC molecules.

Legal does not mean that the utilisation is authorized and even more is less recommended. This simply means that the law has not forbidden it. For the moment anyway.

Inhaling CBD E Liquid, is it dangerous to health?

The long-term effects of CBD are not very well known and is still too early to announce. However, Cannabidiol has been studied since a number of years by scientists and have no intrinsic toxicity of this molecule which has been demonstrated for the moment.

The consumption of CBD E Liquid during pregnancy is however not recommended and requires the advice of a health professional.

The CBD E Liquids must equally be kept out of reach from children and animals

Can a CBD Liquid be addictive?

The CBD does not have a psychotropic effect and the consumption does not cause dopamine release (contrary to nicotine). The addictive character of CBD should be extremely limited; however, it is important to be careful when consuming CBD with moderation.

How does CBD react?

The CBD reacts to certain receptors of the nervous system, especially to the Endocannabinoid System (SEC). The SEC is destined to receive cannabinoid products by the body itself, and in particular “Anandamide”. They can equally be stimulated by Cannabinoids issued by plants (like THC or CBD). The receptors of SEC are divided by two types: CB1 and CB2. If the THC has direct action on the receptors, it is not really the case of Cannabidiol. However, the CBD in effect is suppressive with the enzymes “FAAH” (or fatty acid amide hydrolase) which regulates the cycle of life in the Anandamide. This inhibition has consequences for the increase rate of Anandamides, a molecule which plays a lot on the feeling of well-being. It is freed after intense physical efforts and is the originally which we call “the drunkenness of the runner”.

The CBD can equally react to the 5-HT1A receptors, a receptor which implicates a number of processes linked to the perception of pain, but also linked to the perception of anxiety or lack of symptoms.


Can you drive after consuming CBD?

It is strongly advised NOT to drive after vaping CBD E Liquid, as there has been no studies to prove that the molecule does a not alter vigilance or the reaction time. It is therefore advised, for security measures and precaution, to avoid consumption of CBD before driving.

Can a positive Screening Test be tested after vaping CBD E Liquid?

A drug screening test is only positive if the presence of THC is present in the body. If you have consumed E Liquid composed uniquely with pure CBD Crystals (guaranteeing the absence of THC Molecules), you will have no problems taking the test. However, if you have consumed impure CBD E Liquid, or important quantities of CBD Oils you may be positive on the test.

I wish to stop smoking; will CBD E Liquid help me?

A test carried out in 2013demonstrates that the consumption of CBD can help smokers reduce the consumption of Tobacco. The CBD E Liquid is a very interesting tool for successful cessation, keeping in mind the effective has not been clearly proven. We therefore advise, for the moment to alternate CBD E Liquids and Nicotine E Liquids, a product which has more perspective and certainty to its effectiveness.

I have trouble sleeping, will CBD help me?

CBD E Liquid can possibly react to minor sleep disorders by facilitating sleep. Assure yourself before-hand that you do not have insomnia by consulting medical help.

CBD E Liquid is not medicine and should not be used for treating illnesses such as Insomnia.

I am a little stressed, can CBD E Liquid help me?

CBD E Liquid has anxiolytic properties, so it can eventually help you to relax. However, you must distinguish light stress, light anxiety or depression which is an illness, which must be consulted by medical help.

CBD E Liquid is not medicine and not used for healing.