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French creation, the Panda aroma concentrate belongs to a rich collection of beautiful flavours, fruity, fresh and gourmet. A large selection of recipes offered with each Panda Concentrate, you will have the possibility to create a DIY E Liquid which suits you best. Prepare yourself to go on an adventure with the Panda to a world of incredible flavours. 

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  • 4,90 € Pretty Panda concentrate

    Pretty Panda concentrate

    A delicious fresh and sparkling cocktail of melon, a hint of red berries and a touch of mint leaves.
    4.21/5 96 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 4,90 € Concentrate Bloody Panda

    Concentrate Bloody Panda

    Taste the excellent mixture of Red Fruits, Blackcurrant embellished with a touch of freshness !
    4.27/5 246 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
    Out of stock
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  • 4,90 € Concentrate Panda Wan

    Concentrate Panda Wan

    Savour the gourmet aromas of Salted Butter Caramel, Pecan Nuts, hazelnut, Coffee and Vanilla!
    4.64/5 289 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 4,90 € Concentrate Dark Panda

    Concentrate Dark Panda

    Appreciate this Classic Gourmet E Liquid
    4.35/5 89 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml

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