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A battery is just a rechargeable accumulator that feeds your mod. Generally cylindrical in shape, the battery is characterised by:

  • Its chemical composition, designated by a series of letters
  • Its dimensions, given with 5 numbers
  • Its nominal voltage (expressed in volts)
  • Its capacity to store energy (expressed in milliamps per hour)

For more information, consult out The anatomy of a battery guide


Acrolein is a toxic compound that irritates the skin and mucous membranes, causes tear formation and that can be produced by heating of the Vegetable Glycerine (VG) when it begins to break down (from 290°C).


Be sure to differentiate between USB/AC adapters, that "adapt" (convert) electric current, and these adapters that are small parts of varying forms that make it possible to mix electronic cigarette elements by for example adapting the screw thread.


The additives are composed which allow modifications, adjusting the recipe of e-liquid. There are all sort which exist. There can be sweet, acidic, smoky, spicy, mint and all other recipes. We distinguish the enhanced tastes such as Vanilla or Ethyl Maltol (add the taste of vanilla and sugar), the aromas bring a sansation of freshness (Koolada), of Smoke (Acetyl Pyrazine) etc. The spices like cinnamon or cloves. The exists a large quantity and are used with parsimonyas they can be strongly modified with this recipe. For more information consult our How to prepare your e liquid guide. 


Association Indépendante des Utilisateurs de Cigarette Electronique (Independent Association of Electronic Cigarette Users). http://www.aiduce.org


Term defining the ease or difficulty of inhaling through the atomiser. The airflow depends mainly on the size of the air inlet holes. When the draw is easy, it is said to "light", but if it is more difficult to inhale, the draw is said to be "tight". For more information consult our E Cigarette Guide

All day

"All day" is a term used for an e-liquid for electronic cigarettes that one can vape all day long. Conversely, some e-liquids, usually more typical and less ordinary, are more suitable for occasional vaping.


The aromas are indispensably composed of e-liquids. These are aromas which bring flavour to the liquid. The aromas are the reproduction of flavours which we find naturally. The aromas are natural or artificially synthesized. Each taste is a set of well known molecules in chemistry, it is therefore easy to reproduce all the tastes in this nature. More and more the aromas are destined to be vaped. For more information consult our How to prepare your E liquid

Assembly Plate 

The assembly plate is part of the reconstructable atomiser in which the vaper can assemble its own coil and cotton. It influences the vaper for Direct / Indirect Inhaling through different possibilities of Build which offers simple or double assemblies (coils). To have more information, consult our The Anatomy of a Rebuildable Atomiser guide. 

Atomisation Chamber 

Part of the reconstructable atomisers surrounding the assembly plate. It is in the atomisation chamber that the vapor is formed. The smaller the size more the vapor will be dense and concentrated in aromas. For more information, consult Electronic Cigarette Guide


This is the element that contains the heating coil and that vaporises the liquid. The atomiser is generally made up of a wick of fibrous silica, on which is wound the resistive wire. It is either replaceable, usually in the case of simple kits, or "rebuildable" for DIY-ers.


The base is the support in which you mix Aromas for the preparation of e liquid. The base is constituted of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, products which are utilised in Pharmacology and the Food Industry amongst others. We talk of the 50/50 PG/VG Base which is 50/50 Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerine. If the base contains more VG (for example 20/80 in PG/VG) more vapor produces when vaping. We find different rates of PG/VG in function with the type of vape desired.  The PG favourises the expression of flavours. The VG favourises the production of vapor. 


The battery is the electrical device that heats the coil of the electronic cigarette. There are 2 types: manual and automatic. A manual battery is equipped with an activation button (commonly called switch) to actuate the heating of the coil. The coil is heated when the switch is pressed. With an automatic battery, it is the suction of the vaper that triggers the heating of the coil. Manual batteries are much more widespread than automatic ones, because of their ease of use.

BF (Bottom feeding)

Bottom feeding is intended to offset the major disadvantage of DRY vaping: the need to continuously wet the wick. The Bottom Feeder is constituted  of a box and a atomiser type dripper. The box particularly contains a flexible vial for the e-liquid, by pressing on the vial. This technic nourishes the coil with e-liquid, with out having to dis-assemble the dripper.

Bottom Coil

Bottom Coil is a term used for cartomisers and clearomisers for which the coil is placed at the bottom of the reservoir. More recent than the Top Coil configuration, the Bottom Coil configuration is more efficient and the coil is better fed with e-liquid.


The box is an Electronic Cigarette on a rectangular form containing an integrated battery or accumulators. An Electronic Box with a chipset allowing you to effectuate different settings offering diverse protections. Formerly reserved for an experts, the box todays exists under different forms to address different profile vapes. For more information consult The anatomy of the box guide. 


The braid is similar to the wire located inside the atomiser. The braid is soaked in e-liquid and transfers the latter to the atomiser.


A build or (assembly) consists of a coil and a piece of cotton on a reconstructable atomisers plate. It can be assembled in different forms (simple coil or multi coils for example). This stage is essential for vapers who create their own coils. A build requires excellent knowledge with Ohm Law and demands good experience in the domaine of reconstructables. 


The Bypass mode is an "imitation" of the vape in meca mod, which we find this option on certain boxes (for example VTC mini). The vape is not smooth, the mod supplies quantity amounts of energy which the battery is able to give out depending on the capacity, we can regulate the poxer of the battery. The vape remains secured depending on the box.


The capacity "C" is the capacity of the battery or accumulator and determines its life-time. It is expressed in amp-hour. Amp-hour (symbol: Ah) is the unit of electric charge. This is the amount of electricity passing through a section of the conductor where a current with an intensity of 1 amp passes in 1 hour. In short, it is the battery capacity in terms of duration. The higher the number, the longer the time before it needs to be recharged.

Example: 2000 mAh means that the battery is capable of producing a current of 2000 mA for one hour. If it delivers a current of 1000 mA, it may do so for 2 hours. The capacity of the battery varies from 300 to 3400 mA.


A cartomiser (contraction of the terms "cartridge" and "atomiser") is a catridge with an integrated and non-removable atomiser.


The cartridge is the reservoir of the electronic cigarette; it contains the liquid for the electronic cigarette.


The ceramic is used in certain pieces of the atomiser to support the capacity of strong heat. The ceramic porous hose is used in coils so the clearomiser absoprs the liquid. The ceramic is oftenly melted around the resistive wires. 


The CBD or Cannabidiol is a molecule of the Cannabidiol family presenting Cannabis and industrial Hemp. The CBD has no psychotropic effect and is not euphoric. It does not create addicition. Different scientific studies have shown that CBD has anxiolytic, antipsychotic and analgesic properties that would reduce a state of stress or anxiety. But it can not replace medical treatments. 

Check Atomiser

An alerting message will display on your box or battery indicating the dysfunctionning of your Clearomiser or Atomiser. Generally the source of the problem comes from the coil. So you must check that the coil is screwed on correctly and is not damaged. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to change the coil. 


A chipset which has an Electronic Circuit which animates the Mod or an Electronic Box. The chipset handles the display of the screen and allows the vaper to effectuate different settings. To function, it needs to be linked with one or mor batteries (accumulators). It often functions with a switch and different buttons (more or less for example). Each chipset is integrated with a programme (or firmaware) which determines the functions. With certain models, the programme can be updated via the software of the model.  

Clapton Coil

The Clapton Coil is a resistive wire overlapping a second wire which is much more fine. The goal of the construction is fabricated on a low base with a heated surface, more important than a classic coil. The name of the construction is in reference with guitar strings and the famous guitarist.


A clearomiser consists of an "atomiser + reservoir". The reservoir is usually transparent and the e-liquid is retained in a leak-proof compartment. Unlike the cartomiser, the main advantage of a clearomiser is that you can see the level of liquid.

Cloud chasing

Cloud chasing is a new discipline of vaping invented in the US, and organised as a competition. The idea is to produce the nicest and especially largest vapour cloud in one draw on the electronic cigarette or mod. This practice requires good knowledge of the material and is therefore not recommended for beginners.


The coil is the heating element of an atomiser or clearomiser. When you press the button in your battery, a voltage of a few volts is applied across the coil and a current flows through it. The coil heats up to 60°C, at which temperature the e-liquid vaporises. The value of the resistance (in ohms) has a direct impact on the vaping sensation and the restitution of flavours. The smaller the value, the more it will heat, and the more pronounced the steam production and the hit will be. However, a too high vaporisation temperature may eventually alter the flavours of the e-liquid.


A concentrate is a preparation to create you own e-liquid. It is a mixture of many aromas which form a recipe ready to mix with a base in PG/VG. 

Cotton hook

The Cotton Hook is an accessory to have close to hand to help huild your reconstructable atomiser. Placing the cotton and wire is child's play. 

Curve Mode 

The curve mode allows you to vary the power of your Electronic Cigarette when vaping. Generally this setting is done second after second so the rendering can be totally adapted to your needs/ There exists 2 types of Curve Mode: CCW (Customized Curve of Wattage) or the setting is done in Watts in CCT (Customized Curve of Temperature) or the setting in degrees. 


A Custard is a creamy flavour which has a taste of Vanilla or Caramelized Vanilla taste.


Degassing is a phenomenally dangerous which is caused by the battery (accumulators). This happens with bad utilisation or no protection of the battery. To be on guard against this, it is very important to never take off the protective sheath of the battery or never transport the battery or batteries without a protection case. For more information do not hesitate to watch this video Battery Protection in French or you can consult The Anatomy of a Storage Battery guide.  


Creamy component that can be found in certain flavours such as custard. Known to be a potential carcinogen.

Direct/Indirect Inhaling

The Direct and Indirect Inhaling are 2 different methods of vaping. Direct inhaling, the vapor passes immediately from mouth to lung. Indirect inhaling, the vapor remains in mouth and then passes to the lungs. Direct Inhaling is generally used with low power coils associated with e-liquids with a low rate of nicotine. So, it is therefore possible to vape with indirect inhaling with a low rate of nicotine. It is equally possible to vape indirect inhaling with a sub ohm clearomiser (for example Subtank - 0.50 ohms)by diminishing the arrival of air with the airflow control. 


The DLC is the Consumption Date Limit, above this date, it is advised that the product is non-consumable.


DLUO signifie "Date Limite of Utilisation Optimal". It is the date which is written on the vial of e-liquid. Pass this date of your e-liquid, you have the risk loosing a part of the organoleptic (taste, odour, aspect). Do not confuse this with DLC. 

Do It Yourself (DIY)

This term refers to the fact of making your own liquids, usually by mixing a base liquid (propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and nicotine at different dosages) with flavours.


The Dripper is a repairable atomiser that has no reservoir. It is therefore smaller in size than tank-type atomisers and simply consists of a "tube" in which we find the connectors to assemble the coil (wick + resistance wire). The filling is done by directly soaking the coil with a few drops of e-liquid.

The Dripper is often used to try an e-liquid. The advantage is that you can get an idea with just a few drops, as opposed to filling a reservoir. Some people believe that it porvides a better restitution of flavours...

Drip tip

The drip tip is the piece that you put in your mouth to inhale the vapor from the e-cigarette. It is screwed or clipped to the upper end of the atomiser.The drip tip is availble in different materials: Steel, Wood, Teflon, Delrin etc. The diameter of the drip tip can be varied depending on the usage. Generally the large drip tips are used for cloud chasing and the production of vape. The large diameter allows the aspiration of air. The standard size for the drip tip is 510. 

Drip top

Drip tip screw replaces the top cap. We talk of the top cap while the drip tip is solidary of the Top Cap and cannot be unscrewed. We essentially find this on certain drippers.

Dry burn

The dry burn is a technique for cleaning the atomiser which involves heating the coil without e-liquid. This burns the residues that gradually accumulate on the coil.

Dry Hit

The Dry Hit, is when the wick of your coil is not initiated with e liquid. The coil continues to heat and releases a disgusting burnt taste in the mouth when vaping. 

Dual Coil (DC)

Dual Coil is a term used for atomisers and clearomisers of which the vaporisation systems consist of two coils connected in parallel. When this element is composed of only one coil, it is called Single Coil. The Dual Coil technology has the advantage of increasing the contact surface with the e-liquid. This results in a larger volume of vapour, without increasing the heating temperature: the coils are less stressed and their life-time is thus improved.


European initiative for free vaping. http://efvi-france.com

E-cigarette kit

An e-cigarette kit or electronic cigarette pack or starter kit is a "turnkey" offer, mainly dedicated to beginners who want to start using electronic cigarettes. A kit usually includes one or two complete electronic cigarettes (batteries and clearomisers), spare coils, a USB charger, a mains adapter and a storage case.


The e-liquid or e-juice is a mixture composed mainly of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavours and possibly nicotine. It is the main consumable in an electronic cigarette. It is poured into the reservoir of the e-cigarette and is transformed into vapour during the vaping when heat is generated by the coil. The flavours available on the market are numerous and the available nicotine dosage usually ranges from 0mg (no nicotine) to about 20mg.


The firmware is a programme integrated in the Electronic Mod. This handles the information shown on the screen and regulates the power, the different modes of vape of the mod. Control of the coil, TCR


Fédération interprofessionnelle de la vape (Interprofessionnal Vaping Federation). http://www.fivape.org


This is when there is no space between the Mod or battery and the atomiser assembled on it. It is merely aesthetic.


Centre de formation des métiers de la cigarette électronique et de la vapologie (Education centre for trades related to electronic cigarettes and vapology). http://www.forvape.fr

Full mech

This abbreviation refers to a mechanical Mod, having no electronic circuit, thus without variable voltage or wattage.


This is the name given to an atomiser assembly, in which the fiber strand is replaced with mesh (metal). The advantage is that there is virtually no alteration of flavours and the capillary action is higher. The main difficulty is the realisation of this assembly, as short circuits can be frequent.

Genesis atomiser

This is a particular type of rebuildable atomiser with the characteristics of doing without the traditional silica fiber and instead using a stainless steel wick. The benefit is twofold:

  • the alteration of flavours is almost zero.
  • the capillary action is enhanced.

The main disadvantage of this type of atomisers is that it is difficult to assemble, because short circuiting is frequent.


The gurguling (or gurgle) results when there is too much e liquid in then heeart of the coil. To get rid of the excces liquid you must you use dry the coil with a paper towel. For more information, consult our  The Anatomy of a Clearomiser guide. 

High End

What rare parts are called (atomisers or MODs) which are produced in limited quantities and often numbered.


The hit is the feeling that the smoker and vaper get in the throat during the passage of the smoke of a traditional cigarette or vapor of an e-cigarette. The higher the level of nicotine in the e-liquid, the greater is the heat and the hit, which becomes similar to that of a real cigarette.

Hot spot

Hot spots are the enemy of rebuildable atomisers, and appear when part of the resistance wire/coil overheats. They can be detected when part of the resistance wire is not touching the wick, or when the resistance wire is "dry" (between the end of the wick and the connectors). Detecting a hot spot is relatively easy: the part of the resistance wire that is affected will be fiery red, or simply red when the wick is soaked in e-liquid. In "production" mode, i.e., when the rebuildable atomiser is primed with e-liquid and ready for vaping, no part of the resistance wire should glow red, especially not at any one particular point. A hot spot in the coil leads to a bad taste so the purpose of a non-resistance wire is to reduce the distance between the first connection and the first (and last) turn around the wick. It is simply a conductor when the Kanthal is "hanging dry"!


Englis term for E Liquids


Resistance wire used to make the coils (resistors) that are present in rebuildable atomisers. They exist in different diameters: 0.16mm and 0.80mm in general.


Electronic module located in a mechanical mod making it possible to control the power of the latter.


This is the name given to a real cigarette in the vaping community.

Low Resistance (LR)

Low resistance atomisers (usually around 1.5 ohm) which, coupled with a normal battery, can increase the performance of the electronic cigarette (hit, vapor, volume ...). However, these models have a shorter lifespan.


mAh, short for "milliamp hour" is a unit of electrical charge. In the field of electronic cigarettes, it quantifies the capacity of a battery and therefore its life-time. The battery of an electronic cigarette has a capacity that generally ranges from 300 mAh to 3000 mAh. The most common models have a capacity of 650 mAh and 1000 mAh.

MDC (maximum discharge current)

The MDC or Maximum Discharge Current characterises each battery type. The notion of MDC is important to take into account as it defines a limit that should never be exceeded. The MDC is the maximum workload that the battery can deliver without risk. It varies depending on the chemistry of the batteries used and their shape. The MDC is expressed as the battery capacity (C): 1C, 2C, 5C… An MDC of 2C means that the battery can deliver a current with an amplitude 2 times superior to its capacity.

Example: A battery of 700 mAh with an MDC of 2C can deliver a current with a max. amplitude: MDC = 2 x 700 ma = 1400 mAh. However, the battery will discharge twice as fast. The chain vape action (i.e., vaping by inhaling repeatedly and very close together) can reduce the life of the atomiser, in particular if the capillarity is insufficient.


The Mesh is a stainless steel fabric of the type 316L, generally sold in sheets (A4 - A5 or A6 format...). It is reputed for its high capillarity and robustness. The mesh is measured in terms of its number of fibers per inch. For example, the indication #200 represents 200 fibers per inch. #325 Mesh - #400 Mesh or even #500 Mesh can be found.

As the Mesh is made of stainless steel, dry-burning is possible without risk!

A mesh wick assembly is known as a Genesis-type assembly. In short, a Genesis-type assembly consists in tightly rolling up the Mesh to form a compact stainless steel tube. To give you an idea, you will need #200 Mesh that is approx. 9cm long (about 4 - 5 cm wide) to create a wick of between 2 mm and 3 mm in diameter. The oxidation of the Mesh with a blowtorch is also an important stage depending on the type of assembly you want.

The Genesis-type assembly stands out for its robustness but is difficult to create as hot spots can be a regular problem!


This is the name given to the assembly of an atomiser when the silica fiber has been replaced with a cotton wick and encircled with the resistance wire.

Mix N’ Vape  

The Mix N Vape is E Liquid in a large formt without Nicotine. More economic, it does however require the addition of one or more Nicotine Boosters depending on your needs. (if needed). 


The mod is a modified electronic cigarette. The main difference with traditional electronic cigarettes is that the mod works with rechargeable batteries inserted inside a tube. We speak of mechanical mods when there are no electronics in the system, and variable voltage mods when the system includes electronics in order to adjust and regulate the delivered voltage.

MTL (Mouth to Lung) 

MTL signifies Mouth To Lung when using the term Direct / Indirect Inhaling. Indirect  inhaling, the vaper keeps the vapor in the mouth which passes to the lungs. A little bit like a smoker. The MTL Material allows you to vape using high value coils (around 1.0Ω)  and allows the vcaper to use eliquids with a high rate of nicotine.


Nicotine is a substance that is found particularly in tobacco leaves and is part of the composition of an e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. The dosage or nicotine content, expressed in mg/ml, usually ranges from 0 (no nicotine) to about 20 mg/ml. Nicotine promotes the hit and the perception of flavours in an e-liquid.

Nicotine Booster

The European Directive "TPD 2014/14/40/UE (Article 20) has forbidden the sale of e liquids, PG/VG bases for DIY preparations containing Nicotine, and put in place the sale of 10ml bottles since 01st January 2017. To overcome this limitation, bottles conformed by law, proposed for sale for the preparation of DIY E Liquids. The 10ml bottles containing 20mg/ml in Nicotine, the maximum authorised, we call "Nicotine Boosters" to be sold individually. The Nicotine Booster contains pure EP/USP mixed with Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. The Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine proportion is varied. To increase the rate of Nicotine in the base, it is simple enough to mix the Boosters in the PG/VG Base without Nicotine.You can use the Calculator to know how much Nicotine Boosters are necessary for the preparation. 

Nicotine Salts 

Presented in its natural state in Tobacco Leaves, the Nicotine Salts offer a sensation close enough the puff of a traditional cigarette. The satisfaction is more rapid, almost instantaneously. The Nicotine Salts also have the advantage of the "hit" (sensation in the throat) which is softer, allowing you to use high rates which ameliorates the efficiency. 


The Ohm is an Electrical Coil unit (symbol Ω). In the Electronic Cigarette, the unit serves to measure the value of the coil and obeys the Ohm Law.   

Personal Charger Case (PCC)

Charger with dimensions roughly equal to those of a normal pack of cigarettes. It enables charging of the batteries of electronic cigarettes during mobile use.


This is Polymethyl Methacrylate, a polymer of which the plastic bottles for e-liquids are composed of.


We talk of postless which is a subject of the assembly plate of a reconstructable atomiser  which has no connection plots to install the resistive wires. The resistive wires install directly in the openings of the plate by cutting a good length of the wire beforehand. The postless plates have the advantage of being spacious so you can adapt the complex coils of a good size. 

Priming (a clearomiser)

When first using your clearomiser or after a first filling after changing the coil, it is advisable to prime it, i.e. suck several times to release air and facilitate the entry of e-liquid into the atomising compartment. Without priming, you'll notice a burnt taste (coil heating up without e-liquid).

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol (often abbreviated to PG) is one of two main ingredients (the other is vegetable glycerin, called VG) that make up an e-liquid. It enhances the hit when combined with nicotine and transforms into vapor when heated to a temperature of about 50 to 60°C. Propylene glycol is considered very slightly toxic, non-carcinogenic, and is also widely used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


The Puff corresponds to the intake of the produced vapor of the Electronic Cigarette. There exists certain models which counts each puff, which is very utile for the vaper who wishes to measure the consumption. 

Rebuildable / Repairable

An atomiser designed and intended such that the user can carry out his/her own (coil) assembly. It limits costs, but the repairable atomiser requires great patience.

Reconstructable Atomiser

A rebuildable atomiser is intended and designed so that the user can increase the coil.

There are many types :

  • with a reservoir, such as Tank, or without, such as Dripper.
  • with a fiber wick or steel mesh. Generally, more expensive to purchase, they have the advantage of limiting costs in the long run, since the consumables (fiber, resistance wire) are less expensive than pre-assembled ones.

Learning the principles and controlling the assembly of these atomisers requires patience, and they should thus only be used by initiated vapers.

Replay Mode

The Replay Mode allows you to register the setting of the last Puff to reproduce an intuitive manner. It is imperative to use compatible coils with Temperature Control to utilise this mode. This personnalized vape is protected from Dry Hits

Screw thread (510/eGo)

"510" and "eGo" are the two standards for screw threads that are the most popular in the field of electronic cigarettes. Most batteries, such as the 1650-mA spinner V2, are provided with two 510 and eGo screw threads and can thus be adapted to fit many cartomisers and clearomisers.


The set-up corresponds to the atomiser + MOD assembly.


The steeping is another term used for maturation stage when preparing you DIY (Do It Yourself) liquids. A preparation with a base of Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerin with 1 or more added aromas. This preparation needs time to - or + for the nicotine to oxidize and develop the aromas in the base to free the flavours. 


Squonker signifies presing on the flexible bottle of the BF Mod which nourishes the dripper with e liquid. 


Sub-ohm clearomisers such as Subtank or Atlantis are equipped with very low-resistance coils, of less than 1 ohm, and are used at high power (20 to 30 W). Therefore, they generate a lot of vapor and a very big hit, even without nicotine.

The vaporisation system is adapted to allow a significant e-liquid inlet in order to continuously supply the fiber, located at the resistive wire. This prevents a burnt taste. It is advisable, with this type of clearomiser, to use e-liquids rich in vegetable glycerin (>60%) and with lower nicotine levels than in conventional use.

Please note: The temperature of the heating element is much higher than for standard clearomisers, your consumption of e-liquid is increased tenfold and there are thus increased risks of generating potentially carcinogenic molecules, such as acrolein.

Warning: Sub-ohm clearomisers should be used with appropriate equipment, supporting a continuous discharge current of 8.5 amps. We recommend their use with mechanical mods, coupled with suitable batteries, that can support more than 8.5 amps or with electronic mods accepting resistances of 0.4/0.5 ohms.

Sweet spot

The sweet spot is the right temperature for your e-liquid to reach in order to be at its best and produce the maximum sensation (amount of vapor and flavour restitution). This performance is directly influenced by the temperature of the coil (resistance wire wound around the wick of an atomiser).

The search for the Sweet Spot is in a sense the quest for the right power (calculated in watts) to heat a particular e-liquid (and therefore produce vapor), and depends on the ratio of the battery voltage (calculated in volts) and the resistance of the atomiser (calculated in ohms).


The switch is an activation button present on the battery of the electronic cigarette. By applying a simple and prolonged pressure on the switch, a voltage is applied across the coil of the atomiser and vapor is generated. By pressing the switch briefly several successive times, the e-cigarette is turned on or off.


Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Cigarette Electronique (National Association for Professionals Working with Electronic Cigarettes). http://www.synapce.org


Another term for reservoir. The term is used for various types of accessories and hardware in the field of electronic cigarettes. The objective is always to designate a reservoir for which the primary function is to retain the e-liquid.

Temperature Control

The Temperature Control allows the vaper to avoid problems such as dry hits. The dry hit is when the wick of the coil has no liquid. The coil continues to heat and produces a burnt taste. With the Temperature Control, the box diminishes and interrupts the current. In function with the model of the box, you can read on the screen "no liquid", "protection", "Protection Time”... etc. The box is programmed to limit the power in function with the temperature of the coil. The temperature control functions with specific resistive wires: Ni200 (nickel), Ti (Titan), SS (Stainless Steel and even Steel)

T.C.R. - Coefficient de Température de la Résistance

The "Temperature Coefficient of Resistance’’. The TCR measures the resistive of the coil depending on the temperature. The co-efficient measures in PPM/°C. More the TCR is increased, better the precision of the coil. This mode functions with the Ni200, Nife, Titan ot Steel wires. Globally, this mode is the equivalent of the Temperature Control mode which ameliorates the personnalised settings. 

Top Cap

The Top Cap is the superior part of the Clearomiser, Atomiser or Dripper. This part welcomes the drip tip.

Toric O Joints 

Joints in plastic designed to guarantee the tightness of the reservoir or Drip Tip

Twisted Coil

The wires (Round, Flat, Clapton) etc, are braided to form twisted wires. The goal is for the droplets of e-liquid lodge into the interstices of the wires. The surface of the vape is doubled.


Updates are done for updating the Electronic Mod. Certain manufacturers like to evolve their material by proposing updates to modify and ameliorate there product. The programmer for the updates can be found on the manufacturers website. 


Updates are done for updating the Electronic Mod. Certain manufacturers like to evolve their material by proposing updates to modify and ameliorate there product. The programmer for the updates can be found on the manufacturers website. 


A term that gradually seems to make its way into the vaping community. By transposing the world of wine to that of e-liquids.


Vaping is to the electronic cigarette what smoking is to the traditional cigarette, i.e., the action of drawing on an electronic cigarette.


A user of the electronic cigarette. Personal vaporiser. Another name given to the electronic cigarette.

Variable voltage (VV)

The term VV refers to the ability to adjust the output voltage of an electronic cigarette to adjust the power, and thereby the overall volume of vapor. The adjustment usually requires knowing the resistance of the atomiser, to adjust the voltage according to "Ohm's law": P=V²/R.

Variable wattage (VW)

The latest electronic cigarette models generally offer, in addition to VV, a VW-type configuration mode. The objective is exactly the same as for VV: to adjust the vaping power and the vapor volume, but the process is simpler. It is generally sufficient to set the material to the desired power, and the power thus obtained will always be identical, regardless of the type of atomiser connected or its resistance.

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable Glycerine(often abbreviated to VG) is one of two main ingredients (the other is propylene glycol, called PG) that make up the e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. It has the ability to vaporise at a temperature of about 50 to 60°C.

Wide Bore

The Drip-Tips « Wide Bore » have a large diameter near the mouth before the drip tip. These types of drip tips are large which are designed to incease aspiration and the production of vapor. 


The wick is an element of the atomiser, made of fiberglass or ceramic fiber, which transports the e-liquid to the coil in order to vaporise it.


Zero High Concentration. Certain brands of e liquids utilise the ZHC for bottles with a large quantity of e liquid (50ml or +) sold without Nicotine. These are liquids which have been well dosed in aromas allowing mixtures with at least one Nicotine Booster.