Aroma Brand - Ultimate

Ultimate is a range of Concentrates to be mixed with a PG/VG Base to prepare the e liquids for your Electronic Cigarette. The Ultimate Range is a together of fruity and fresh flavours which is not without evoking the juices from Malaysia and the Phillipines. the Ultimate Concentrates are made in France in compliance with the standards of force. 


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Ultimate Concentrates

The brand by Ultimate Concentrates are made in France and proposes in Concentrated Aromas to fabricate your own DIY Liquids for your Electronic Cigarette. They are distinguished for their fresh and fruitiness, available in a 30ml Bottle. For example the Ultimate Concentrates Oni, a very fresh aroma which is mixed with Citrus flavours. The brand Ultimate propose other DIY Concentrates like the Ultimate Levithan Concentrate, ideal for amateurs of Strawberry, ot the Ultimate Fury Concentrate, a mixture of fresh and fruity. Quickly discover as a whole the range of Malaysian Concentrates Ulitmate on our on-line website/shop and order quickly your bottles, delivered in the at least 48hrs.