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Le Petit Vapoteur proposes electronic cigarette packs composed of a kit, several batteries and a charger. Whether you are more double batteries, simple battery pods, 18650 or even 21700, you will find your pleasure with our battery packs. Had enough integrated batteries? Do you want to change your material for more autonomy? You have come to the right place to find your battery electronic cigarettes. The pod format is available in the Voopoo for example, for a simple battery you can turn towards Eleaf with the iStick, and if you wish to have large clouds with good autonomy, the double battery kits by Geek Vape or Vaporesso will completely satisfy you.  With our battery electronic cigarette packs, be assured that you will have everything you need for vaping.

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 The best battery kits of 2023

We have created for you packs which group together a kit with one or more batteries and sometimes a charger. If you wish to have a complete pack for a direct vape and good autonomy thanks to batteries, then look no further, it's here! We have chosen the best kits, assembled with a battery, even 2 batteries for certain electronic cigarettes. Whether you are an aficionado by Voopoo, Eleaf, Vaporesso or encore Geek Vape, you will find a pack which is convenient for you.

The advantages of a battery electronic cigarette

Have you had enough by spending your time recharging your integrated batteries? Here is the solution, a battery kit. There are different formats available, pod, boxes and eventually tube? The integrated battery has its limits in terms of autonomy, charging time which is consistent and there will always be  a moment when the battery will reach the end of life. This is why different manufacturers such as Aspire or Innokin have created the choice between kits or pods with batteries. To gain time in autonomy and in comfort, all you need to do is take several batteries and effectuate a rotation between others. 

Why do kits have batteries?

Choosing a pack with an electronic cigarette with batteries, before all is to choose simplicity. Le Petit Vapoteur has a list of kits with the most popular batteries and in a complete pack. Here there is no room for doubt, it is all in one perfectly compatible. With our kit, you will have a battery box, accompanied with the clearomiser and dedicated coils to perfect everything and maximize the apprehension. We have added batteries which correspond better to your new electronic cigarette. No more headaches, questions or searching for a long time, you are here to start your smoking cessation in complete simplicity.

Power and vapor

With our battery electronic cigarette packs, you will become a real locomotion by choosing a double battery kit. A clearomiser with a good reservoir, coils adapted, a box with good caliber and to finish with compatible batteries which guarantees a good quality of vape. All you need to do is choose your preferred e liquid, with a good rate of nicotine to avoid plunging back to classic cigarettes and then you will have long sessions of vape thanks to the large reservoir and autonomy of your new kit. Do you prefer a pod format?  The Drag X Discover by Voopoo will please you with good capacity, its ergonomics and easy utilisation. You can fill the reservoir with your preferred e liquid, you can insert your battery and for flavours without forgetting beautiful vapor.

Kits with batteries at the best price

Keeping in mind the accessibility, our electronic cigarette packs have been elaborated by thinking of your wallet or purse. The kit with batteries costs much less rather than buying them separately. Buying your pack can also be purchased in store, you can also find all details of our different shops on our page(https://www.lepetitvapoteur.com/en/magasins). Do not hesitate to contact us directly to see if we have products available in stock. If you do not know which kit you would like there is no problem, our sales team or customer services will guide you towards your vaping profile. The price is visible on the website which are similar to those in the store and you can obtain more information which will be fully dedicated to you.