DIY calculator to make your e-liquid

Thanks to our DIY calculator, making your e-liquid DIY is child's play! It will give you the basic volume e liquidbooster nicotine and concentrated aroma necessary to get the right mix.

For simplicity, you can also turn to our easy DIY tool that will allow you to easily make your e liquid without calculation and accessories.


How to use the DIY calculator

The calculation of your DIY preparation is done quickly and in four steps:

  • Choice of concentrated aroma

To begin, you must choose the concentrated aroma for which you want to do your calculation. Two options are available to you. You can simply search for your product by typing its name in the "Select your product" tab. If you do not know it, you can use the "Select your brand" tab and then have a list of all the concentrates it offers. Note that the DIY calculator is present on each page of aromas, at the level of the zone of addition to the basket. By using this way, you will be able to go directly to the second step.

  • Quantity

Once your concentrated aroma is selected, you must indicate the total amount you want to get at the end of your preparation. This amount corresponds to the addition of base, boosters and aroma.

  • PG/VG Rate

For the third step, select the rate of PG / VG you want. The DIY calculator will then tell you what type of base and boosters you will need to choose.

  • Nicotine level

For this last step, it is enough to simply choose the rate of nicotine that will have to have your e-liquid. You will be able to know how many bottles of boosters you will need to add to your preparation.

How to make my e liquid with the calculator?

Once the four steps have been completed, the DIY calculator automatically tells you the basic volumes, booster and flavor needed. For simplicity, it is possible to round the values ​​given by the calculator, especially for large quantities (100 ml and more). For example, for 9 ml of boosters or recommended flavors, you can directly use a 10 ml bottle. The calculation will certainly not be exact, but the difference will be small and hardly noticeable.

It is also recommended to use DIY accessories designed to facilitate the manufacture of your e-liquid. We can cite graduated twist flasks, beakers or syringes. The Little Vapoteur even offers you a pack containing all the essential accessories to make your DIY: Mac Diyer kit. Finally, once your preparation is complete, do not forget to respect the maturation time indicated in the lower right corner of the DIY calculator.