E-liquids 7 péchés capitaux (7 Deadly Sins)

Throughout this Premium Collection, 7 Péchés Capitaux, the label Phodé propose there High Quality E-liquid with elaborated and refined flavours.

This creation is orginally composed with natural aromas to taste.


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 7 Péchés Capitaux E liquid (7 Deadly Sins): Gluttony or Sloth?

The 7 Péchés Capitaux (7 Deadly Sins) is a range of e-liquids for the Electronic Cigarette produced by the Phode laboratories. The French Manufacturers installed in Tersac, under the sun of Tarn (81). And without a doubt, this location in the sun, ideal for relaxing and for pleasure, inspires the creators of the range for the choice of composition of their 7 Péchés Capitaux: Gourmandise (Gluttony) Sweet Aromas, Envie (Envy) Toffee Apple, Luxure (Lust) Aromatised Ginger, Avarice (Greed) with its perfume Caramel d'Antan, Orgeuil (Pride) southern plants - Aniseed, Colere (Anger) Hot Mulled Wine with its Spices and even Paresse (Sloth) Exotic Base of Pineapple and Coconut. 

Strong in success, the range of e-liquids 7 Péchés Capitaux have rapidly developed their range and proposed new flavours. Aswell as the list of 7 Péchés Capitaux (7 Deadly Sins) Goumandise, Colère, Paresse, Orgueil, Envie, Avarice and Luxure is expanding with the new sins, such as Medisance (Scandal) a Custard Coffee with hints of Caramel and Coconut. There is no doubt the epic underworld to hell (and pleasure) does not stop there for the brand,and Le Petit Vapoteur has the pleasure to present the future Deadly Sins.!