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resistance :
Element for heating the liquid contained in the tank. This is a consumable that must be changed regularly.
tank :
A watertight compartment which is often transparent and volumetric to hold the e-liquid depending on the variety of models.
drip-tip :
Tip or Drip Tip is a piece which is in contact with the mouth. It’s form and texture plays a part in the comfort of the vape and temperature of the vape when inhaling.
battery :
The battery is a device which feeds electric energy to the coils of your Electronic Cigarette.
switch :
This button needs to be pressed on to activate the electronic cigarette for the inspiration of vape. The pressure of the button provokes the heating of the coil to generate the vape.
base :
This is a piece which connects the battery to the atomiser which is generally integrated in the adjustable air ring: The Airflow.
Fireplace :
Central element of the clearomizer, the chimney is located above the resistance. It allows to direct the steam created by the heating of the latter until drip-tip.
Top-cap :
Room to connect the clearomizer and the drip-tip. On some models, this part also allows the filling of the tank.

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