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Supervape proposes a range of concentrated recipes 100% French ealborated with great care and control, also anaylsed by independant aroma experts. The creation of the aroma can take upto 6 to 12 months before proposing unique sensations. 

The Supervape aromas are made in France, by the laboratory Lips France, in Loire Atlantique

Do not vape the Aroma directly. It must be diluted with a base.  

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  • 5,90 € Stevia So Sweet Supervape

    Stevia So Sweet Supervape

    An additive composed of natural Stevia naturelle to add a touch of sweetness to your DIY preparations.
    4.61/5 110 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 5,90 € Cyber Fresh 2.0 Supervape

    Cyber Fresh 2.0 Supervape

    Additive Cyberfresh 2.0  by Supervape Cyberfresh 2.0  is a fresh additive, without menthol nor koolada....
    4.4/5 280 Reviews
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  • 3,99 € Classic Blend Supervape

    Classic Blend Supervape

    Find a natural flavour of the Classic Blond enhanced with aromatic notes for soft and light rendering of flavours.
    4.78/5 23 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 3,99 € Brise Glace Supervape

    Brise Glace Supervape

    The Brise Glace Supervape Concentrate is a wave of Menthol freshness for your DIY E Liquids.
    4.64/5 22 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 3,99 € Wild Strawberry Supervape

    Wild Strawberry Supervape

    An Aroma which brings your DIY preparations Strawberry Flavours freshly picked. 10ml Bottle
    4.46/5 192 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Arabica Supreme Supervape

    Concentrate Arabica Supreme Supervape

    Concentrated Arabica Supreme Aroma by Supervape : A concentrated coffee aroma. The coffee beans presents...
    4.58/5 426 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Lemon Cactus SuperVape

    Concentrate Lemon Cactus SuperVape

    Concetrated Lemon Cactus Aroma by Supervape. A concentrated cactus and lemon aroma. Mexican Cactus and Argentinian...
    4.5/5 565 Reviews
  • 3,95 € Concentrate Salted Caramel Butter SuperVape

    Concentrate Salted Caramel Butter SuperVape

    Concetrated Caramel Beurre Salé ( Salted Caramel Butter) by Supervape. A concentrated salted caramel butter...
    4.45/5 843 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Creme Brulee Supervape

    Concentrate Creme Brulee Supervape

    Concentrated Creme Brulée Aroma by Supervape. A concentrated creme brulée flavour. Even if the...
    4.5/5 453 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Peach Apricot Supervape

    Concentrate Peach Apricot Supervape

    Concentrated Peach Apricot Aroma by Supervape. A concentrated peach apricot aroma. We have often associated and...
    4.34/5 286 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Amandine Pear Supervape

    Concentrate Amandine Pear Supervape

    Concentrated Amandine Pear Aroma by Supervape.  Supervape invites this famous, unmissable gourmet dessert and...
    4.41/5 363 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Tropical mix Supervape

    Concentrate Tropical mix Supervape

    Concentrated Tropical Mix Aroma by Supervape. An exotic fruit aroma.  Supervape has made a choice. For this...
    4.27/5 413 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Vanilla Custard Supervape

    Concentrate Vanilla Custard Supervape

    Concentrated Vanilla Custard Aroma by Supervape. A concentrated vanilla dn custard cream.   A classic * Do It...
    4.25/5 193 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Pop Corn Supervape

    Concentrate Pop Corn Supervape

    Concentrated Pop Corn  Aroma by Supervape:  gourmet and buttery notes of pop corn , find a good a...
    4.4/5 306 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrade Soda Menthe Bio Supervape

    Concentrade Soda Menthe Bio Supervape

    Concentrated  Soda organic mint by  Supervape : a fresh and fizzy aroma, on the track of the most famous...
    4.48/5 133 Reviews
  • 3,99 € Concentrate Cappuccino frappé Supervape

    Concentrate Cappuccino frappé Supervape

    Concentrated  Cappuccino frappé  aroma by  Supervape : coffee, whipped cream and a touch of...
    4.29/5 140 Reviews

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