Our electronic cigarette packs for expert vapers

Do you have knowledge about the Electronic Cigarette and you wish for an intense vape? Do you wish to make your own coils for more vapor? Do you wish to discover the universer of a bottom feeder? Gracious to our selection, it is possible! We propose to you the best electronic cigarette  made for expert vapers. From reconstructable atomiser boxes, mechanical mods with a dripper and even kits for fans of BF. 

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Discover the Expert range of Electronic Cigarettes

Are you an experienced vaper looking for more sophisticated material than you have been able to try, power, coils, settings... Discover the expert electronic cigarette Kit. Try an electronic cigarette for large clouds such as the T-Priv Kit. Composed with a number of coloured LED's and an output power of 220 Watts, it will be immediately adopted by vapers. You can also appreciate the Alien Discovery Pack with great quantity of vapor and the Xtar Charger MC2. DIYers will adopt the expert electronic cigarette kits. You can effectively make your own coils with the reconstructable tools. For lovers of technology why not go for the G Priv Big Baby Kit. With a tactile screen and simple utilisation. The V8 coils enhances the flavours. With an output power of 220 watts, this electronic cigarette of large clouds addresses experienced vapers in search of material for there image and can adjust the material as they please. 

Test large clouds with the electronic cigarette 

Power and technology, associated with large quantities of vapor, are the master words of our large clouds Electronic Cigarette Kits. Good coils allow flavours to develop. The Athena Squonk Kit has a silicone bottle, and a dripper with an assembly plate. It is dotted with extra protections with the on/off button which allows you to put it on standby, and with more performance, the expert electronic cigarette kit is also based on elegance which gives the vaper a chic and trendy allure.