Coil Calculator 

With our micro-coil calculator, you will easily find all the necessary information to fabricate you coil  for your reconstructable atomiser.


Instructions for the use of the coil calculator

Here are the variables that you can change to fabricate your coil.

  • Type of wire: choose in the scrolling menu the type of restrictive wire you wish to use.
  • Width of the wire: indicate here the size of the restrictive wire. In case of flat wire, you must indicate the height and width.
  • Diameter of the coil: indicate here the diameter of your coil. For a standard reconstructable this generally turns around 3mm
  • Feet of the coil: indicate here the foot size of our coil. This is optimal information which has little impact on the ohm value of your coil.
  • Number of turns: indicate here the number of turns of your coil. 
  • Voltage: the number of volts sent by your mod. In the case of an electronic mod, it can be varied depending on the adjusted power. In the case of a meca mod, with a fully charged battery, the voltage starts from 4.2 volts, the decreases progressively.
  • Number of coils: indicate here the number of coils you wish to install on the base of your atomiser (simple or double coils for example)
  • Number of wires: of your coil is composed of several resistive wires (which are called complex coils) you can indicate the number here.

In function of all the variables, the coil calculator will give you are result with several indications.

  • Resistance: the value of your coil in Ohm.
  • Coefficient of heat: for optimal heating, the coefficient should be between 0,20 and 0,35. 
  • Power: the power obtained in function of the voltage of your mod and value of the coil.
  • Intensity: the intensity of the electronic current delivered by your accumulators or battery. This value should not be superior of 20A for vaping in complete security. We recommend that you do not go over 15A.  

Discover our restrictive wires and accessories!

Le Petit Vapoteur proposes in there catalogue several resistive wires to fabricate your coils:

    We also propose several accessories to facilitate the fabrication of your coil:

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