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Amateurs of pastry, creamy desserts and vanilla etc... All gourmets will find their happiness in our selection of best Gourmet E Liquids for the Electronic Cigarette. Le Petit Vapoteur reunites all the most prestigious E Liquids in the Top Gourmet to help you find the E Liquid you are looking for. Our selection of the best Gourmet E Liquids will allow you discover the succulent flavours. Let yourself be tempted. 

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  • 9,90 € Gourmet Pack LPV

    Gourmet Pack LPV

    A selection of best liquids from the Le Petit Vapoteur range. Gourmet Flavours at a very attractive price !
    4.41/5 1790 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
  • Team Choice 4,90 € Le Caramel (The Caramel)

    Le Caramel (The Caramel)

    Find a timeless Caramel Flavour, illustrated gourmet, finally for the Electronic Cigarette. 10ml Bottle
    4.5/5 2227 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • Shop's favorite 4,90 € Le Petit Biscuit (The Little Biscuit) - Le Petit Vapoteur

    Le Petit Biscuit (The Little Biscuit) -...

    Offer yourself this crunchy little biscuit to vape.
    4.38/5 1140 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 4,90 € La custard

    La custard

    Full of Vanilla and lightly sugared, an onctuous English Custard with an all day flavour.
    4.28/5 1560 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • Best seller 5,90 € La Chose Le French Liquide

    La Chose Le French Liquide

    La Chose  is a gourmet liquid, with a Coffee base, Caramel with notes of dry fruit aswell as Hazelnut and Pecan...
    4.62/5 2799 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
    • Nicotine rate
  • Nouvelle recette 5,90 € Green's Custard Green Vapes

    Green's Custard Green Vapes

    E liquid Green's Custard Green Vapes.   A recipe revisited by the brand that knows how to satisfy the...
    4.48/5 3580 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 5,45 € Suprême


    E-liquide Premium Suprême  by  Eliquid France The Suprême is a Premium e-liquid...
    4.46/5 1216 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 5,90 € Le Petit Curieux

    Le Petit Curieux

    Savour a delicious café liégeois in company by Curieux and Le Petit Vapoteur
    4.11/5 133 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 5,90 € Salted Caramel Butter (Caramel Beurre Salé)  Le Vapoteur Breton

    Salted Caramel Butter (Caramel Beurre...

    From Salt in Butter, Salted Butter in Caramel... They are the crazy The Bretons! Authentic and Unique Caramel !
    4.37/5 430 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 6,90 € Castle Long Five Pawns

    Castle Long Five Pawns

    A kentucky bourbon enhanced with a mixture of coconut, grilled almonds and vanilla. Magic !
    4.25/5 1058 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 5,90 € Avarice


    An exquisite mixture of melted butter and biscuit, with vanilla and caramel. An "all day" for the true gourmets.
    4.29/5 1324 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 5,50 € Caragauffre with Nicotine Salts

    Caragauffre with Nicotine Salts

    Taste a delicious Waffle with Salted Caramel Butter with Nicotine Salts !
    4.16/5 215 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate 0 mg
    • Bottle of 10 ml

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