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Are you looking for a simple and compact model to vape? So, the tube electronic cigarette is made for you! The tube format is characterized as its name indicates in the form of a tube. Particularly ergonomic and practical, a tube e-cigarette is also called "AIO" (All In One) and in (French "tout-en-un") because it is very simple to use. It has all the necessary that you need, a battery, a clearomiser and one or more coils. There is no need to buy any supplementary accessories, all is included. Exceed, Ego AIO or even the Flint, here are some of the best models that are available in our catalogue. Do not wait to discover them. 

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  • 42,90 € Zlide Beginners Pack

    Zlide Beginners Pack

    A pack with3 e liquids and an electronic cigarette for vaping in indirect inhaling. 3000 mAh battery.
    4.58/5 66 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Colour
  • 27,90 € Cosmo A1 Beginners Pack

    Cosmo A1 Beginners Pack

    A pack with e liquids, an all-in-one electronic cigarette of a small size, simple and performant with automatic...
    4.43/5 44 Reviews
    • Colour
    • Nicotine rate
  • 29,90 €  Exceed Beginners Pack

    Exceed Beginners Pack

    A pack which is ready to vape, composed of the Exceed D19 and 3 LPV E Liquids
    4.59/5 1308 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Colour
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  • 29,90 € Cosmo A2 Kit Vaptio

    Cosmo A2 Kit Vaptio

    An electronic cigarette with excellent autonomy, simple to use for a tight to aired pull.
    4.78/5 18 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 22,90 € iJust D20 Kit Eleaf

    iJust D20 Kit Eleaf

    Simple and modern electronic cigarette. Automatic pull, 3ml capacity and 1500 mAh battery for a MTL vape.
    4.62/5 29 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 16,90 € GO Z Kit Innokin

    GO Z Kit Innokin

    A simple kit for beginners of the electronic cigarette and vaping of e liquids with CBD and nicotine salts.
    4.41/5 81 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Sale 14,90 € GO S Starter Pen Kit Innokin

    GO S Starter Pen Kit Innokin

    An ideal kit for beginning the electronic cigarette or vaping e liquids with nicotine salts or CBD.
    2.88/5 8 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • New colors 49,90 € DotStick AIO Kit Dotmod

    DotStick AIO Kit Dotmod

    An electronic kit of a small size with a rechargeable battery of 1450 mAh. 2ml clearomiser for a vape in MTL or DL.
    4.41/5 32 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 22,90 € GTX GO 80 Kit Vaporesso

    GTX GO 80 Kit Vaporesso

    A compact and simple kit for a vape in direct inhaling. 3000 mAh battery and 5ml capacity.
    4.19/5 118 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 2023-12-09 23:59:59 18,90 € 14,73 € Cosmo A1 Kit Vaptio

    Cosmo A1 Kit Vaptio

    An all-in-one electronic cigarette, small size, performant, and automatic inhaling.
    4.46/5 186 Reviews
    • Colour
  • New colors 45,90 € DotStick Kit Dotmod

    DotStick Kit Dotmod

    An electronic kit of a small size compatible with 18650 and 18350 battery. Clearomiser of 2ml and a vape in MTL or DL.
    4.71/5 164 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 13,90 € Ego AIO Eco Friendly Kit

    Ego AIO Eco Friendly Kit

    All in one electronic cigarette, 2ml tank and coil in 0.6-ohm, integrated battery of 1700 mAh
    4.33/5 423 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 37,50 € Zlide Tube Kit - Innokin

    Zlide Tube Kit - Innokin

    A performant and robust kit, simple and equipped with 3000 mAh and a clearomiser of 4ml.
    4.6/5 823 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 38,90 € Exceed D19 Duo Pack

    Exceed D19 Duo Pack

    The assurance of not being caught of guard with 2 Exceed D19 Electronic Cigarettes for your daily vape
    4.57/5 749 Reviews
    • Choice
  • 34,90 € Duo Ego Aio Pack

    Duo Ego Aio Pack

    The Duo Ego Aio Pack allows you to be equipped when vaping with an "ready to vape" Electronic Cigarette, which is...
    4.47/5 1080 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 36,90 €  Stick P25 Kit

    Stick P25 Kit

    A powerful kit for the production of vapor with the TFV12 Clearomiser and a battery of 3000mAh.
    4.53/5 517 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 19,90 €  Exceed D19 Kit - Joyetech

    Exceed D19 Kit - Joyetech

    A complete Electronic Cigarette, discreet and performant which offers a surprising choice of vape
    4.57/5 1961 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 15,90 € Ego Aio

    Ego Aio

    Ego Aio  by  Joyetech  is a all-in-one kit for beginners and experienced vapers. The  Ego...
    4.51/5 3720 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 17,90 € Ego AIO 2 Joyetech

    Ego AIO 2 Joyetech

    An all in one electronic cigarette in a compact tube format. For a vape in indirect inhaling and semi direct.
    5/5 1 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 29,90 € iJust AIO PRO Kit Eleaf

    iJust AIO PRO Kit Eleaf

    A cartridge kit with replaceable coils. 3000 mAh battery and 70 watts in power.
    4/5 1 Reviews
    • Colour

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