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For the flavours of your DIY liquids, the liquid aroma for the Electronic Cigarette is an essential product. The concentrated aromas for your e-liquid from the brand T-Juice takes well known flavours from manufacturers where you can still make your own creations. With this selection of aromas for your electronic cigarette by T-Juice, you will have no problem giving personality to your e-liquid. 

Discover the best aroma liquids for your electronic cigarette through this page and find the sensations of the aroma for your e-liquid T-Juice in all your creations. 


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Tjuice, Aromas essential for DIY

If you are vaper of gourmet, a fruity lover or even pastries, and you are looking for a liquid which corresponds to your needs/tastes and which you can have an all day vape. The DIY is made for you. Tjuice proposes a rich selection of aromas for DIY. In 2012, in Britain, unsatisfied vapers have decided to create their own proper range of Aromas and E Liquids. The brand Tjuice is born. The objective: quality of flavours and products created. For this, the Aroma fabrication chain respects and complies with the hygiene and quality standards in force. The first material used have been cleverly selectioned. The formula has met success all across Europe. The Tjuice aromas have entered into the preparation of DIY and are not ready to give up. What is your preferred Tjuice Aroma. Menthol for freshness, Aniseed/Lemon for the Fruity side, Caramel Cake for a moment of gourmet pleasure. Make your choice.