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The Ekoms Concentrate allows you to create e liquids that you desire. You will love the beautiful gourmet and crunchy cereal flavours? Come and try the Korn concentrates! Produced in France, the Ekoms Concentrate aromas are composed with a base of premium quality ingredients. The Ekoms are available in a 10ml bottle. 


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Ekoms is a manufacturer of liquids and concentrates, which have opened their doors of there laboratory in Toulouse in 2013. Since, Ekoms have created and produced quality e liquids for vapors. This manufacturers are also memebers of the AFNOR commitee for e liquids. Each Ekoms Concentrates proposes a mixture of flavours to please your tastebuds. Horribly good, the Ekoms aromas are available in a 10ml bottle. Create e liquids with originality that you desire! The Ekoms Concentrate should be mixed in a PG/VG base with an advised dosage of of 15% if needed, with one or more nicotine boosters.