Our electronic cigarette packs for beginners

Our best kits for beginners to start the Electronic Cigarette. You will find in this category Electronic Cigarette which are simple, a little or no setings needed, and which offers excellent restitution of flavours. All you need to discover the E Cigarette in the best conditions.

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Which e cigarettes are adapted to beginners ?

The world of vape is extremely vast. In effect there exists different types of electronic cigarettes (tube, pod, box, disposable) several brands, a plethora of accessories or even infinite aromas with various flavours. It can seem possible for beginners to start, however to be familiar with vaping is very accessible if you choose an easy to use electronic cigarette.

How to find a simple to use electronic cigarette ?

To be sure of being successful with your first experience of vape, it is recommended to purchase a beginners electronic cigarette kit. In this ready to use e cigarette kit, you will find all the elements to start vaping: a battery, clearomiser, charger and for certain packs with e liquids for the electronic cigarette. Thanks to this electronic cigarette for beginners, you will have a positive first experience of vape which will quickly direct you towards demanding and high-end products.

Three types of electronic cigarettes for beginners 

If the option of the e cigarette pack remains the most adapted for beginners, you must know that the kits are integrated with several technologies of the electronic cigarette. 

A pod for beginners

The pod kit proposes an electronic cigarette which is not equipped with a clearomiser but with a pod: a piece which is integrated with a reservoir and a coil. Practical, discreet, simple to use and guaranteeing a good pull, the pod is perfectly convenient for beginners. 

Electronic cigarette tube

The model of the electronic cigarette tube is probably the most appreciated by beginners in vape. Simple to use, robust, aesthetic but especially performant. The electronic cigarette tube is perfect to start vaping.

Electronic cigarette box

You can opt for the electronic cigarette box. The e-cigarette box was originally recommended for experienced vapers, now is available in packs for beginners. In the pack sold with all the necessary pieces, you can assemble your own electronic cigarette. With the electronic cigarette box you will have the experience of an intense vape as well as the opportunity to personalize your e cigarette. 

Discover the electronic cigarette boxes 

Simple electronic cigarette for beginners 

Finding a kit for beginners in vape 

To help you rapidly find a beginners electronic cigarette kit which will give you your first step into the world of vape, Le Petit Vapoteur has assembled for you on this page, a large choice of electronic cigarette packs for beginners. You will find a vaping kit which corresponds to your needs. 

Our equipment is very simple to use for beginners and requires no particular settings. It straight away offers a good production of vapor, excellent restitution of flavours and a good hit so you can familiarize yourself with the electronic cigarette, discover the principles and advantages.

How to choose you electronic cigarette when you start?

Choosing your electronic cigarette when starting it is very simple! All you need to do is to discover our beginners pack and you will be able to find which pack corresponds to your vaping profile. Easy to manage, you can choose from simple criterias: aesthetics, shape, autonomy, capacity or even your budget. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask our team. Our experts are here to help you and guide you in the choice of your ideal vaping kit.