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With the LPV associated products you can easily and rapidly find all the accessories compatible with your electronic cigarette. Coils, reservoirs, clearomisers or even a box mod, all you have to do is choose a product to get access to all the different possibilities which are available for you.
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Associated products LPV, a tool to simplify life!

The associated products have been created by Le Petit Vapoteur so you can gain time. Thanks to this tool, you can search and see if there are 2 materials which are compatible with each other, the answer is clear and rapid. You will no longer have to ask yourself which accessories are compatible with your electronic cigarette, just guide yourself.

How does associated products work?

Once you have arrived on the page Associated Products you just need to respond to the following questions: with which product are you looking for compatibility? There are 2 options for you.

The first consists of a search bar. All you need to do is indicate the name of your material and then choose in the scroll menu. You can also, if you are logged into your account, click on the button “My Products” and you can choose one product which you have already purchased at Le Petit Vapoteur. Once you have decided, you will have access to one or more accessories, categorised in different categories:

• The essentials : the most important accessories, those which are directly associated with the kit.
• Clearomiser & atomiser : if you are looking to replace products that you have on your kit or you wish to find the perfect companion for your battery or your box.
• Battery & mod : similar to the previous category but this time for the base of your electronic cigarette.
• Coil: to rapidly find coils which are compatible with your kit or clearomiser.
• Drip-tip : a category which allows you to find another tip for your material.
• Accu/battery : if your box or kit contains it, you will be presented with a list if you wish to replace them if needed.
• Accessories: it is here you will find other compatible products with your materials (reservoir, recharge cable, adapters…).

Of course, not all the categories will be displayed as it depends on your typology and specificities of the products selected from the start.

How to find the compatible coil for my electronic cigarette?

As you have previously seen, the LPV associated products allow you to easily access the compatible coil for your kit or clearomiser. A risky mission if you are a beginner in the world of vape and not yet at ease with all the specifics. A tool can go even further by proposing several references for one material. You will also have access to all the varieties offered by the manufacturer so you can find the best coil which corresponds to your needs. Do not hesitate to discover the different propositions. However if you do wish to stay with the same reference as the original, it is always positioned before the other in the list.

What to do of you cannot find your product in tools?

In the event that you cannot find your material in Related Products, first of all check that you have correctly written the name of the product in the search bar. There are certain references which are not compatible with other products in our catalogue, therefore they will not be displayed. Note that the products will only work with the same type of material (kit, battery, box, clearomiser, atomiser, coil, accessories) and not with e liquids and all associated with the world of DIY.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our customer services, they will be happy to help you with any inquiries.

The associated products are also directly available with our product sheets. Do you like the associated products function? We are glad! Know that you can also find all the product sheets below the presentation and description.