E-liquids Frutozor

In distant lands that our explorers got lost. A virgin land which is wild and full of mysteries. In the mist of omnipresent and hostile flora. THE discovery! So many remains which cannot be dated, and several partial genomes are still unknown to date which have been found. A real scientific challenge that our team of explorers have taken up out of curiosity.

To follow this discovery, our scientists have decided to chain this genome by completing them and the discovery has proved to be very surprising, revealing raw and familiar flavours at the same time. A result which is amazing as well as flavoured. In this team a flavourist (half-crazy since being on this journey) has managed this complex technique what he has called the “Frutozors”.

With her prehistoric fruity babies, we have the Pitazorus! It maintains its strange name which resembles the taste of Pitaya also known as dragon fruit. A fruit which is relatively fresh, like a distant memory from the ice age that would have swept over the world. This is also the case of the Cassissotop. With a soft hint of freshness on a bed of blackcurrant, aromatic and powerful.

Imposing like an iceberg, the Citrodon hits the pallet with strong flavours of lemon on a bed of crushed ice. Soft and suave, the Tyropoirex knows how to shows its teeth and the kind of predator he can become. But, in truth the Tyropoirex is delicate, sweet and has real flavours of pear. A pear with a hint of freshness, like its pre-historic acolytes.

The range of Frutozor is born in the secret laboratories of Petit Vapoteur. We have revived the fruity dinosaurs with a sequence of different genomes found in the far and distant icy lands. Awoken with love in the 21st Century proposing a taste full of adventures, mystery, and flavours.

The Frutozor e liquids are conditioned in a bottle of 50ml which can hold up to 75ml with a proportion of 50/50 PG/VG. It is possible to associate one or more boosters depending on you rate of nicotine.


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