E-liquids 814

814 is arange of premium e-liquid enriched with pleasure... The 814 manufacturer proposes e-liquid for the Electronic Cigarette of premium quality with complex and savoury recipes inspired by history. You can discover the great success of 814 such as Pepin Le Bref, Carloman, Dagobert and even Charlemagne aswell as others... The Classics, Fruity and Gourmet awaits you for a fabulous voyage in time.


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814 : French Manufacturers Of Premium E-Liquid

The French Manufacturers of 814 E-Liquid is installed in Gironde near Bordeaux, and have chosen a position quite apart. It proposes a range of premium e-liquid, savoury and complex, therefore the names are inspired by history. Quality products, 100% hexagonal offering a mixture of richness and harmony, to please even th most demanding of vapers. 

Amongst the range of the French Manufacturers of 814 e-liquid, you can chose from premium e-liquids loyal to kings. And of this cause, their names are evocative: Pepin le Bref, Carloman, Dagobert, Clovis and even the famous Charlemagne, the death in 814, is the origin of the brand. 

The French Manufacturer of the e-liquid 814 proposes a range of premium e-liquids which are original and inspiring. Amongst the flagship brands you will find Charlemagne, a liquid which is gourmet and harmonious with tastes of biscuit, brown sugar and cofee, but also the Pepin le Bref - Apple, Clovis - Custard Cookie, or even Alienor with a flavour of Canneles from Bordeaux. Quickly discover the range of Premium E-liquids from the French manufacturers 814 E-Liquids and please yourself with an exclusive and savoury juice.