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100% made in France, the Candy Skillz aroma concentrates by Revolute come to you full of colour and flavours for your atomisers. These aroma concentrates are made to prepare your own e liquids. The Candy Skillz are gourmet and sparkling creations with candy fruity flavours inspired by the best confectionery of your childhood. From lime Green to creamy Red strawberry, passing by sparkling Orange. There are 5 recipes that are not lacking in peps ! The Candy Skillz concentrates by Revolute are available in a 30 ml bottle, to be mixed in a PG/VG base of your choice.

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  • 13,90 € Concentrate Yellow Candy Skillz 30 ml

    Concentrate Yellow Candy Skillz 30 ml

    Swiss candy with lemon and plant flavours. 30 ml bottle.
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    • Bottle of 30 ml
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