What E-liquid is for you ?

The aromatized e-liquid is composed of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Water, Alcohol and Food Flavorings, which is the fuel for your Electronic Cigarette. It is the heating of the liquid which produces the steam. Learn more

Water The de-mineralized water (between 0 to 5%) serves to fluidize (liquid down) the mixture because the Vegetable Glycerine compound is relatively thick. Flavorings The Food Flavorings represents between 3 to 15% of liquid. The aroma brings flavor to the liquid. It can be composed of natural aromatized substances, synthetic substances or even a mixture of both. base Representing 80 to 90 % of mixture, the base is composed of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), which both participate to enhance a low temperature. nicotine The nicotine is in pure liquid form, it is obtained by the extraction of tobacco leaves. It is an alkaloid which has a weak dosage and the effects are stimulating, and is rapidly eliminated by the organisms. The nicotine concentration level is between 0mg/ml to 18mg/ml depending on your nicotine level. Alcohol The Ethyl Alcohol (between 0 to 5%) serves to fluidize (liquid down) and encourage the >. This equally serves to exhaust the homogenizing taste. The alcohol provides the softness in the mouth.
Vapor ? The hit is a sensation in the throat which is known to all smokers, which is caused by the contraction of the pharynx whilst the passing of the steam. It is commonly used in the cosmetic, food and medical industry.

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Which e liquid to use to start the electronic cigarette?

The Electronic Cigarette has become in the space of few years the smoking cessation tool mostly used by the French . A success which owes a large part to the efficiency of e liquid, its petrol. Once vaped, it allows you to find the sensations of a classic cigarette and fill the gap related to stop smoking.

The development of vaping and the diversification of vapes results with the increase of different e liquids. So therefore, it is difficult to find an e liquid when starting the electronic cigarette. This is why Le Petit Vapoteur, French leader on the market of the e cigarette, proposes this complete guide for you to easily find your e liquid.

The choice of your first e liquid is a step to determinate the success of your smoking cessation. To help you, you can access above a list of e liquids which have been specially selected for beginners in vape. There are discovery packs with different flavours or historical best-sellers acclaimed by former smokers.

In any case, to have the odds on your side, you must consider 3 fundamental elements before your purchase:

  • The rate of nicotine in the e liquid
  • The flavour of e liquid
  • The composition of e liquid

We will explain in detail the three fundamental points during this guide. What you need to consider that each element influences your  experience of vape and therefore to stop smoking.

Which rate of nicotine do I choose for my e liquid?

The nicotine is the key element of the e liquid. The presence responds to the needs present to all smokers:

  • It allows you to fill in the gap linked to giving up smoking.
  • It provokes what we call the « hit », a contracting sensation in the throat reproducing the sensation of a classic cigarette

The choice of nicotine responds to your needs, especially with the process of smoking cessation.

What rate of nicotine to use for starting the electronic cigarette?

The rate of nicotine corresponds to the concentration of nicotine in your e liquid. It is always expressed in « mg/ml ». When starting the electronic cigarette, find the rate of nicotine which corresponds to your needs which can sometimes be complicated, even if it is decisive with smoking cessation. Inadequate choices depending on your needs can affect different consequences which can complicate your smoking cessation:

  • If the rate of nicotine is low: your dependence of nicotine is not enough to meet your needs.
  • If the rate of nicotine is to high: the effect of nicotine can cause inconveniences such as (headaches, nausea…) which are general signs of nicotine over dosage. The « hit » is also to strong and provokes coughing fits each time you vape.

The sensibility and dependence of each person varies enormously, the best option when starting the electronic cigarette is to try different rates of nicotine. There are also tools to make an appropriate choice to help you with your smoking profile.

Which rate of nicotine to choose in function with your smoking profile?

The Fagerström is an auto-questionnaire known for its pertinence to evaluate the dependency of the smoker. In function with your answers, Le Petit Vapoteur advises you with a rate of nicotine.


Of course, the rate of nicotine advised is based on the practice test and your feelings.

Which rate of nicotine for which electronic cigarette?

The choice of nicotine depends on your electronic cigarette. The delivery of nicotine can in effect vary from one model to the other in function with the power which it develops. The higher the power, the rate of nicotine should be decreased.

Here is our advice in function of your selected electronic cigarette:


If you have not chosen your electronic cigarette, Le Petit Vapoter advises you the Beginners Pack composed of an electronic cigarette with one or more e liquids. A practical and ergonomic solution.

What is the equivalent between the consumption of nicotine e liquid and the consumption of cigarettes?

It is difficult to give an exact equivalent between the consumption of tobacco and the consumption of e liquid. There are a lot of factors to consider: material used, duration and frequent draw…

The tool below allows you to estimate the future consumption of e liquid. It considers your smoking profile, the rate of nicotine with cigarettes that you usually smoke and the rate of nicotine of your e liquid. You will therefore have an idea of the number of e liquids you need to vape to satisfy your nicotine needs. The need will progressively reduce during the smoking cessation, which will logically reduce the consumption of e liquids.


The results of this tool allows you to estimate the quantity of e liquid that you need. It is primordial to keep in mind that this is only an estimate and not standard. It is frequent that beginners in vape have the impression of vaping rather than having smoked. This is a common phenomenon which can be explained, the nicotine contained in an e liquid is less effective than the delivery by a classic cigarette.

To compensate, you must vape often and longer. In any case there is no problem, this is the only solution to succeed the smoking cessation with the e cigarette.

Which flavour do I choose for my e liquid?

Which flavour do I choose for my e liquid?

If the choice of nicotine is primordial, find a flavour which corresponds to your needs. In effect this allows you to hold on for a long time.

The proverb says, « taste and colours, is not up for discussion ». The e liquid which is adored by some is not necessarily favoured by others. It is up to you to choose your preference. In material there is no question. Follow your preferences, your needs and do not hesitate to taste different flavours according to your pleasures throughout the day.

Which Classic e liquid do I choose to start with?  

You can find today more than 100 different perfumes of e liquid, but a beginner in vape will generally go for an e liquid which is close enough to tobacco. If certain e liquids do pretty well, you should not wait to find the taste of “your” cigarette. The simple reason is because: in the electronic cigarette, there is no combustion, and this changes a lot of things.

Nonetheless, the tobacco flavours, which we call “classic” in the world of vape is often the first step. Here are 4 of the best Classic E Liquids that we advise you to begin with:

Which Mint e liquid to start with?

The Mint E Liquid remains the best alternative to the Classic e liquid, especially for smokers of menthol cigarettes, but not only. The E Liquids are in effect more neutral in taste and therefore less boring overtime. The freshness of the Mint also increases the sensation of the “hit”, which can be interesting if you opt for a low rate of nicotine.

This family is no doubt the less varied of e liquids. Generally, it is the strength of the mint which plays the role. It can sometimes be associated with other flavours for example the Classic / Mint E Liquids. Here are our top flavoured Mint E Liquids:

Which other flavoured e liquids can I choose?

The Classic and Mint e liquids are not the only flavours that you can start with. The advantage of vaping is that it offers a wide variety of flavours to please a wide range of vapers.

Fruity e liquids

A Fruity E Liquid can for example be a good choice to vape which completely turns the page from tobacco. Fresh and sweet, this type of e liquid does not have the risk of being boring as you will discover new sensations; red fruits, apple, peach or even lemon, depending on your preference we have all you need to be satisfied. In this category, we advise you the following:

Gourmet e liquids

You can direct yourself to Gourmet E Liquid . This is a must for smoking cessation with a vape which can transform small moments of pleasure spread throughout the day. Becareful, with all that is good, the weariness can come back quiet rapidly. Vapers of gourmet e liquid alternate generally between different recipes. It must be said that there are some choices: dessert or candy, vanilla or caramel, soda or coffee. It is not hard to choose the flavour which best suits you. To help you with this, here are our 4 top gourmet e liquids:

What rate of PG/VG do I choose for my e liquid?

The Propylene Glycol (abbreviation PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) are 2 elements which makes up the e liquid (between 80 and 90% of the final mixture). We use the word “base” to qualify them.

The PG and VG each have a different role:

  • The Propylene Glycol exhausts the taste and favours the « hit » and the nicotine. It renders the e liquid more fluid.
  • The Vegetable Glycerine allows a dense vape and brings a round flavour. It renders the e liquid more viscous.


The 2 elements are perfectly complementary and are associated in e liquids. The PG/VG rate also indicates the percentage of each element present in the mixture, the total equivalent of 100% (example 50/50). This rate is information to consider as it influences the sensations felt and the good functioning of your electronic cigarette.

Which PG/VG rate do I choose to begin with?

In a general manner, the manufacturers of e liquids orientate towards « beginners of vape » which have the tendency to use recipes with more PG than VG. The Propylene Glycol in effect favours the « hit », but the sensation of the contraction in the throat is what smokers are looking for. The more the PG in the e liquid, the sensation will be stronger even if it depends on the rate of nicotine. The Propylene Glycol also has the advantage to produce discreet vapor, close enough to the smoke produced by a classic cigarette.

Therefore, a beginner should be encouraged to have a rate of 60/40 and 80/20 in PG/VG. A PG/VG rate of 50/50 can also be a good compromise, especially with vapers who are bothered by the “hit”. However, you must avoid a rate of Vegetable Glycerine which has a superior rate of 50%, as it is not compatible with all electronic cigarettes (see below).

Which PG/VG should I choose for my electronic cigarette?  

The coil of the e cigarette is made to function with certain rates of PG/VG. If you do not follow this information, there is the occasional risk with repetitive leaking of e liquids or even persistent burning. The PG/VG rate depends on the type of model being used.

Which rate of PG/VG to use with a starter electronic cigarette?

A starter electronic cigarette, also known as a simple electronic cigarette, contains a simple coil generally made for indirect inhaling. The coil has a good duration of life with fluid e liquids. It must be associated with a high PG/VG rate (superior or equal to 50%). At default, the viscosity of the Vegetable Glycerine has the risk of occasionally, which we call “dry-hit”, otherwise said as angry and disagreeable.

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Which rate of PG/VG to use with the advanced electronic cigarette?

An advanced electronic cigarette itself is destined to produce a lot of vapor in direct inhaling. We prefer you to associate an e liquid with a high rate of VG (superior or equal to 50%) to achieve this. Even more, the coil with this type of e cigarette is generally a lot larger and demands viscous e liquids to avoid the leaking of e liquids. 

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