Aroma Brand Kyandi Shop

Discover a collection of concentrates which will make you dive into your childhood, gracious to the delicious Candy flavours. Savour 30ml of pure happiness gracious to the sweet confectionaries: sweet, soft and spicy. The Candy Shop welcomes you and proposes you choose from the sotness which will please the tastebuds: le Super Cola, le Super Bollywood, le Super Lequin and even all 3? 


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The collection of the Kyandy Shop concentrates proposed by Aromea, the French Manufacturer with their unique recipes. Kyandi Shop is a range of concentrates conditioned in a 30ml bottle. You can appreciate the beautiful flavours inspired by the famous candies which you will recognise. You will find the Super Bollywood which is Mint Bubblegum. For lovers of the Cola you can taste the Kyandi Super Cola. And to finish, the Super Lequin Kyandi Shop takes the acidic perfume of the famous confectionary.