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The range of Swoke e-liquids is of 100% French design and manufacturing. Exclusively made from natural flavours, a plant-based base with natural extracts of nicotine (L-Nicotine).

Composition: 50% VG / 50% PG.


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Swoke: Natural and Savoury E Liquids 

The Swoke E Liquid is a liquid whioch is 100% Natural from the french Brand. This liquid for the Electronic Cigarette is made exclusively of a base of natural aromas also 100% Vegetable and the Nicotine version which is created with natural Nicotine extracts (L-Nicotine). Products of high quality and the traceability assured the natural e liquids by Swoke are also rich and savoury juices. Principally fruity (Vinyl, Rendez-Vous, Pixel, Smiley...), the natural e liquids Swoke are also in the gourmet form, with Caramel Custards (Metro) or the gourmet liquids with a candy flavour of e liquid Bisou. 

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