An original and fruity range by Le French Liquide. Discover the Fruiitopia range with exotic fruits such as snake fruit, rambutan, kiwano, or even jackfruit. Taste cocktails without moderation. The Fruiitopia e liquids are available in 40 or 50 ml bottle with a base in 50/50 PG/VG. you will find one or two boosters depending on your rate of nicotine to obtain 3 or 6 mg/ml. The boosters are included but are not obligatory to taste the Fruiitopia e liquids.

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  • 19,90 € Kiwano Pamplemousse Rose Fruiitopia 60 ml

    Kiwano Pamplemousse Rose Fruiitopia 60 ml

    Taste an exotic and original cocktail composed of kiwano, watermelon and rose.
    3/5 1 Reviews
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    • Bottle of 60 ml
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