By giving up tobacco for vaping not only will you reduce the risks of your health, but you will also make a beautiful gest for the planet. Cigarette stubs do in effect have a very heavy impact environmentally in terms of the few figures illustrated:

  • 30 billion cigarettes are thrown on the ground every year in France (4300 billion worldwide.
  • 1 stub itself can pollute 500 liters of water.
  • The cigarette stubs represents 30 to 40% waste cleaned up on beaches.


Once this has been stated, it is advisable to wonder about the best way to recycle your electronic cigarette and your e liquid bottles. By offering a second life, you will also be making an additional eco-responsible gesture!

How to seperate my vaping materials and e liquid bottles?

All vaping products are not recyclable in the same way. You should follow the sorting instructions indicated below for the nature of each product.

  • Internal battery and charger: these elements are considered as waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). They are collected in specific sorting centres on the website Ecologic.
  • Clearomisers and reconstructable: it is convenient to separate as it is possible, the metal part and the reservoir. The metal part will go into the recycling centre with the other metal waste or in the yellow bins. The reservoir (tank) often in pyrex benefits in most cases with special treatment which avoids it from being placed in glass containers. It is therefore necessary to be placed with all.
  • Coils : essentially composed in metal, the coils must be placed inside the metal collectors which are present in all the waste collection centres. 
  • Accumulators : the accus must be considered in the same way as batteries. They can be placed in the battery collector which are present in large supermarkets or even in the waste collection centers. 
  • Plastic bottles and caps : If the bottles contain nicotine, they could not be recycled but this is no longer the case. You can now put them in the yellow bins which are dedicated to packaging and papers. 
  • Glass bottles : To be dropped in the specific glass bottle bins.

To make life easier the Le Petit Vapoteur shops have recycling cabinets where you can drop off the following products: coils, bottles, and e liquid caps. The caps are entrusted to the association Les Bouchons de l'Espoir, which recycles plastic and transforms them into disabled sports prostheses for children

The recycling cabinets themselves are made by the association Au fil de l'eau made up from workers in a professional reintegration situation.  

Meuble recyclage LPV

Good to know before throwing away your vaping products you need to ask the question can they be given or recycled. An electronic cigarette which functions but you do not need can be used by one of your close smokers. A large format bottle can be thoroughly cleaned and be reused, for example if you have DIY recipes.