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Put a touch of French in your vape with the Aromea E Liquid. Created and conditioned in the south of France, each Aromea E Liquids has been thought of to offer you beautiful and unique flavours. You can find a collection of great quality e liu such as the Crazy Up, a range of gourmet and fruity aromas. 


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Aromea proposes an e liquid of great quality invented and produced in an laboratory situated in Grasse. Amongst this large selection of products, you will find without a doubt, the e liquid of your dreams. Come and taste this Crazy Up E Liquid, gourmet and fruity e liquids. Let yourself by example, be tempted by the Love Potion Crazy Up 50ml of Red Fruits accompanied with a beautiful note of freshness. The Moovium, equally from Crazy Up, a gourmet e liquid which offers Pop Corn and Salted Caramel Butter aromas.