E-liquids Hyster-X

Savourea proposes their new collection full of fruits. Discover the 8 flavoured e liquids in a 10ml bottle, which you will discover sweet and beautiful original recipes. Hyster-X proposes aromas with intense flavours. Red Fruits, Tropical Fruits and Candy flavours. Find the flavour which suits you best. 


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Hyster-X is a fruity collection by Savourea which will remind you of the best Malaysian recipes. Find 8 beautiful recipes in a 10ml bottle; the Guna Mama: Corossol (Soursop) and Passion Fruit; the Ticta-X e liquid: a Blue Mint Lozenge of great freshnes; the Blow Up: a mixture of Blackcurrant, Cherry and Melon; the Pink Lips: Strawberry, Dragon Fruit and Litchi Candy; the Drama Queen with beautiful flavours of Rhubarb and Vanilla; the Pep's Tea, delicious flavours of Iced Peach Tea; e Liquid Mad Kiss: beautiful soft flavours of Strawberry, Liquorice and to finish Bad Mood: of Dragon Fruit and exotic Citrus Fruits.