Price of an Electronic Cigarette

Brief The price of tobacco continues to increase and the savings that you make with an electronic cigarette are more and more substantial. The budget dedicated to vaping always varies depending on your profile and preferences. Electronic cigarettes, e liquids and even the coils, you can evaluate your future spending.
coil :
Element for heating the liquid contained in the tank. This is a consumable that must be changed regularly.
tank :
A watertight compartment which is often transparent and volumetric to hold the e-liquid depending on the variety of models.
drip-tip :
Tip or Drip Tip is a piece which is in contact with the mouth. It’s form and texture plays a part in the comfort of the vape and temperature of the vape when inhaling.
battery :
The battery is a device which feeds electric energy to the coils of your Electronic Cigarette.
switch :
This button needs to be pressed on to activate the electronic cigarette for the inspiration of vape. The pressure of the button provokes the heating of the coil to generate the vape.
base :
This is a piece which connects the battery to the atomiser which is generally integrated in the adjustable air ring: The Airflow.
chimney :
Central element of the clearomizer, the chimney is located above the resistance. It allows to direct the steam created by the heating of the latter until drip-tip.
Top-cap :
Room to connect the clearomizer and the drip-tip. On some models, this part also allows the filling of the tank.

The price of an electronic cigarette is an element to consider when you are smoker and you wish to start vaping. We address Le Petit Vapoteur and you will rapidly see that this is much cheaper than smoking.

  • 15,90 € Ego Aio

    Ego Aio

    Ego Aio  by  Joyetech  is a all-in-one kit for beginners and experienced vapers. The  Ego...
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  • 19,90 €  Exceed D19 Kit - Joyetech

    Exceed D19 Kit - Joyetech

    A complete Electronic Cigarette, discreet and performant which offers a surprising choice of vape
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The price of an Electronic Cigarette compared to tobacco

With the increase in price for a packet of cigarettes, smoking is becoming an expensive luxury. This is the aim of our French government who wish to encourage the French to stop smoking. To succeed, you can give up smoking and benefit with vaping and purchase your first electronic cigarette. Long term, the price of an electronic cigarette is inferior to tobacco. You will economise money and keeping in good health. So why hesitate?  

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    Q16 Pro Kit - Justfog

    An ideal kit for beginners with the electronic cigarette for a vape in indirect inhaling and all occasions.
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Begin the Electronic Cigarette

Purchase an Electronic Cigarette at the best price

At Le Petit Vapoteur we always do our best to proposes the best products at the best price. A real godsend given to the reliability of our electronic cigarettes. But, for us it is your satisfaction that is our priority, therefore we can propose you the best products in terms of quality and price. Knowing that our electronic cigarettes come from the best manufacturers is the assurance of a successful purchase. Trust as many internet users have done before and benefit with the best prices for an electronic cigarette.

  • 38,90 € Exceed D19 Duo Pack

    Exceed D19 Duo Pack

    The assurance of not being caught of guard with 2 Exceed D19 Electronic Cigarettes for your daily vape
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  • 56,90 € Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack

    Pico Melo 25 Discovery Pack

    The best of vape in one pack! Composed of the Istick Pico 25, Melo 4 D25, Xtar Charger and two Vape Power Batteries.
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A budget for purchasing an Electronic Cigarette?

The price of an electronic cigarette varies in function of the kit that you will choose. There is something for all budgets. The price of an electronic cigarette for beginners start from around 20€ to 60€ depending on the type of model.

All depends on your needs and criteria’s Once you have purchased your kit, it is important to plan you consumables (e liquids and coils). Generally, the budget for a beginner with the electronic cigarette is around 30€ per month.

  • 29,90 €  Exceed Beginners Pack

    Exceed Beginners Pack

    A pack which is ready to vape, composed of the Exceed D19 and 3 LPV E Liquids
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Find a beginner electronic cigarette

The pod, an alternative to the mod

The pod is an alternative which can be convenient for beginners. Arrived much later in the world of vape, this product is characterized by a rechargeable battery and a cartridge containing a coil and e liquid. The advantage of the pod is that it is accessible for all, gracious to the simplicity and the reasonable price. The coil of 1.0 ohm or more is an ideal tool for the consumption of e liquids with a base of nicotine salts or even CBD. It allows you to vape in indirect inhaling. The pod is a product which is recommended for those in search of small size, easy to use at an affordable price.

  • 22,90 € Atopack Penguin V2 SE Kit Joyetech

    Atopack Penguin V2 SE Kit Joyetech

    The second version of the Atopack Penguin proposes new colours and a window to see the reservoir of e liquid
    4.67/5 1743 Reviews
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The price of a coil for your Electronic Cigarette  

There will come a time where you will have to change the coil of your electronic cigarette so you can continue to vape and benefit with the aromas of your e liquids. If you was a smoker, and your habit was to consume a packet of cigarettes per day we advise you to change your coil every 2 to 3 weeks to conserve the quality of vape. The price of a coil is from around 2 € to 10 € in function of the model.

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The price of an e liquid for the Electronic Cigarette

It is obvious that your budget depends on the quality of the product, capacity, and daily consumption. However, in order to give you an idea, note that the price of an e liquid varies from around 5-7 € for a 10ml bottle. Imagine that you have consumed a packet of cigarette, to find the equivalent in nicotine of an electronic cigarette, you would need to consume about 10 bottles per month with a price range from 50 to 70 €, close to 100 € that you would spend on packet of cigarettes.

You will notice that the price of your electronic cigarette will pay off very quickly. For Even more reduced prices, Le Petit Vapoteur proposes e liquids in a pack. An e liquid offers you the advantage to choose the rate of nicotine which is most convenient to you.

  • 24,90 € LPV Discovery Pack

    LPV Discovery Pack

    8 liquids to discover the woirld of vape. The best way to find flavours which corrrespond to your needs.
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  • Shop's favorite 15,90 € LPV Instant Crush (Coup de Coeur) Pack

    LPV Instant Crush (Coup de Coeur) Pack

    A selection of the best e liquids from the range Le Petit Vapoteur with varied flavours at a minimum price.
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  • 9,90 € Classic Pack LPV

    Classic Pack LPV

    Le Petit blond, RY4 and Le Petit Sec forms a Classic pack with it's advantages!
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  • 9,90 € Menthol Pack LPV

    Menthol Pack LPV

    Classic Menthe, Menthe Douce, Menthe Polaire: A Menthol Pack to taste in complete urgence!
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Maintain your E Cigarette

As we have previously said, the purchase of an electronic cigarette is an investment which pays for itself overtime. A well-maintained apparatus can last for a good few years when taken care of. In effect we talk about technological products with a certain complexity and the components can get damaged in time if it has not been properly maintained. To avoid shocks, it is advised to have a storage case. A protection also for the battery is also recommended so that it can conserve good autonomy for as long as possible. An very thick e liquid can easily foul your clearomiser. Clean it each time when you change your e liquid. With warm water and a paper towel. The best way to keep your kit in good condition, all that remains is to implement good and practical vaping: do not vape with an empty clearomiser. Fill with e liquid once you have a burnt taste in the mouth.

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The products you will find on the Le Petit Vapoteur Website

All the large references are found on the Le Petit Vapoteur website. You will find all the reputed electronic cigarettes for performance and affordable prices. You will also discover electronic cigarettes from: Eleaf, Vaporesso, Joyetech, Smoktech, Aspire and Vaptio.