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Kyandi Shop is a collection imagined by Airomia which proposes fruity, sweet and acidic flavours which will remind you of your favourite childhood candy. Make the most of the 50ml Kyandi Shop E Liquid with recipes full of spice. Cola, Arlequin or even Mint Bubblegum, ech Kyandi Shop Concentrate will make you return towards your past. 

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The Kyandi Shop Collection allows you to benefit with beautiful samples of flavours inspired by the savoury candy which have marked your childhood. You can for example, discover the Kyandi Shop Super Cola with its sweet Soda flavour, the Super Lequin, an e liquid inspired by the famous acidic candy or even the Super Bollywood with a Mint Bubblegum flavour. Each Kyandi Shop Concentrate is available in a 50ml bottle without Nicotine. You can add one or more Nicotine Boosters to obtain the e liquid which is convenient for you.