E-liquids Crazy Yeti

With a number of excursions by Le Petit Vapoteur have brought back tasty recipes from glaciers from all over the world. Always fruity and devilishly frozen, they come to caress your palette. The Frost Pitaya with exotic dragon fruit with generous flesh, beautiful banana, and fleshy strawberries full of flavour. With gourmet notes of Thunder Bubble which enters with a mix of bubble-gum, red fruits and strawberry mint which marries it all perfectly together. You will also discover the Winter Grape, of beautiful grapes with sweet melon and blackcurrant berries which are full of aromas. The preparations are all increased with crushed ice for an frozen effect. The Crazy Yeti is a crazy recipe for daily use.

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A fresh wind which is ready to blast your world!

After months of expeditions to the most remote icy parts of the world, our search team have discovered something surprising. They found lost in the snow beautiful bunches of grapes which have been partially eaten with a few blackcurrants scattered around all frozen in ice. Neither one nor two, these softness are found in an insulated container so as not to lose any of their properties. Once back to the laboratories and mixed together, we have found a satisfying rendering, but it is missing the sweet and softness. A large ripe melon being available, it did not take much for it to end up in the preparation. And here, the Winter Grape is born !

To follow after a fabulous expedition in Cordillère des Andes, in search of the unknown traces in the eternal snow. On the way back the team collected sun-kissed fruits: pink pitaya with white tender flesh, strawberries with slices of banana. Mixed with fresh snow in our laboratory on the mountain side, a smooth result which is perfect for recharging your batteries before your next excursion. A real explosion of fruity flavours that will tickle your tastebuds and caress your palate. 

A little later, after a long day of searching for new flavours, all of a sudden an icy storm appears. Our hut is pounded with a multitude of frozen red fruits, so we have decided to bravely take matters in our own hands and harvest some of these delicious frosted berries which have fallen from the sky. Back inside, a new recipe is in motion with these sweet new treats. Some frozen red fruits, mint-strawberry to match together which brings light spicy notes, AND to finish distilled bubble-gum which brings roundness and body. The Thunder Bubble will make you addicted with gluttony and its very fresh notes.

Is it an appearance, a mirage, or a simple storm? The Crazy Yeti is here to wake up your tastebuds with its frosty and fruity notes at will!