Estimate the consumption of e liquid

Our calculator allows you to estimate the consumption of e liquid depending on your consumption of tobacco and your rate of nicotine. You will also have an idea of the number of e liquid you will purchase each month to satisfy you needs of nicotine.

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Instructions for the consumption of e liquid

In order to consume your future e liquid, you will need 3 elements:

  • The number of cigarette smoked every day

Your consumption of tobacco has a logic influence on your nicotine needs. The more you smoke, the need will become important, and you will consume more e liquid to satisfy your needs.

  • Rate of nicotine per cigarette

All tobacco cigarettes do not resemble each other and have different rates of nicotine. To know the rate of nicotine you can have a look on the side of the packet. There are 3 pieces of information which will appear: tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine inhaled with each cigarette. It is simple enough to enter the numbers into the calculator which corresponds to the nicotine (generally 0.5 to 1mg).

  • Rate of nicotine for the e liquid

This third element determines the number of e liquid you will need to satisfy your needs in nicotine each month. You will notice when you take the test the rate, if the rate of nicotine is high your consumption of e liquid is low. There is no need to have a rate of nicotine to low as you consumption of e liquid will increase which will come back as the same (see below).

If you do not know your rate of nicotine, we invite you to use our dedicated calculator.

Influence of nicotine with consumption

If nicotine is an addictive substance, it is not for all that dangerous to health. It is not this which damages health, which is linked to smoking, contrary to what we hear very often. This idea has driven a number of vapers, beginners who wish to reduce their intake of nicotine rapidly. In worst case, they can be found in a situation of insufficiency which can lead to smoking again.

You must not forget that the objective with the electronic cigarette  is to stop the consumption of tobacco, totally and definitely. For those, nicotine is essential as it allows you to complete the insufficiency. It is not an enemy but linked to say goodbye to the cigarette. In time you will notice yourself that your needs will evolve. Your body is the best indicator, and it is simple enough to listen to it. Do you feel a lack? Increase your rate of nicotine. Are you coughing or have a headache? Reduce it progressively. You don’t feel any particular discomfort? Do not change anything.