International Delivery

For any orders made before 2.00pm (except Mondays, Saturdays and Bank holidays), your parcel is shipped the same day. Whatever the shipping method, we will give you, asap, a link with your tracking number to follow the delivery of your package. 

Shipping fees include packing, handling, and mailing costs. There is a fixed part and a variable part, depending on the price of your order. We recommend you group your purchases in one single order. If you do not follow this procedure, you will need to pay the shipping fees for each order you place. We care about the packing of your items. However, we cannot be held liable for the damages caused by the carrier.


For all orders before 2.00pm (except Monday, Saturday, Sunday and All Bank Holidays), your parcel will be shipped on the same day. Benefit the French rate with orders from Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and United Kingdom.

Get your parcel Home Delivered or at a Pickup Point!

Domicile:​ Home delivery for all orders which are placed before 2.00pm (except Monday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays) your parcel will be exported the same day. Delivery with a Signature for Luxembourg, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Spain.

Pickup Relais*:​ Delivery to your nearest Pickup Point for all orders which are placed before 2.00pm (except Monday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays) your parcel will be exported the same day.

Free shipping from €29,90 !

CountryShipping TimeDelivery Tme Cart < 29,90€Cart > 29,90€
Netherlands D+3 Same Day 3€*/3,84€ Free shipping !
Luxembourg D+2/D+3 Same Day 3€*/3,84€ Free shipping !
Spain D+3/D+4 Same Day 3€*/3,84€ Free shipping !
Spanish Islands D+4/D+7 Same Day 3€*/3,84€ Free shipping !
United Kingdom D+3 Same Day 3€*/3,84€ Free shipping !

Attention: From the 30/10/2018, Le Petit Vapoteur can no longer send parcels to Belgium 

Colissimo international

Promptness: delivery between 3 to 8 days. Without signature for any order made before 2.00pm (except on Monday, Saturday, Sunday or on a Bank Holidays).

Assurance: the parcel is delivered against signature. If you are not present, a notice will be left in your mailbox, with the Post Office location where you can pick it up within 15 days. Beyond this period, the parcel will be sent back to us.

Tracking: at any time, you can track your shipment here by indicating your parcel number. Complete or partial tracking upon the destinations. Please contact your post office for more information.

Free shipping from € 99 !

ZonesShipping TimeCart < 9,90€9,90€ > Cart < 59€59€ > Cart < 99€Cart > 99€
Zone 2 3 to 8 days 5,90€ Free shipping !
Zone 3 3 to 8 days 7,90€ 5,90€ Free shipping !
Zone 4 3 to 8 days 9,90€ 7,90€ Free shipping !
Zone 5 3 to 8 days 5,90€ Free shipping !
Zone 6 3 to 8 days 17,00€ 15,00€ Free shipping !

Zone 2 : Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Swiss, Austria.
Zone 3 : Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lettonia.
Zone 4 : Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Maghreb (except Tunisia), Canaries, Balearics, Ceuta, Melilla, Azores, Madeira, other countries from eastern europe.
Zone 5 : United States, China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Russia, Israel.
Zone 6 : Africa (Except Maghreb), Middle-east,  South America, other Asian countries Oceania (except Australia).