Vape VS Tobacco Economy Calculator

With our calculator, you can discover how much money you can economise by giving up smoking with our electronic cigarettes . You will also discover that this change has a beneficial impact on your health as well as you wallet/purse.


How to use the savings calculator 

To discover how much you can potentially save, simply entre into the calculator the following information:

  • The price of your packet of cigarettes.
  • The number of cigarettes each pack contains.
  • The number of cigarettes smoked every day.

You will obtain an estimation of how much you spend linked to tobacco which you can compare linked to vaping. With the electronic cigarette here are some criteria’s based on the estimations of the calculator:

  • Purchasing an electronic cigarette kit : 1 kit is generally enough for a whole year and costs around 40€. 
  • Purchasing a coil : a coil has a duration of around 2 weeks (or 2 per month) and costs around 2€.
  • Purchasing an e liquid : beginners in vape consume around 3 ml of e liquid per day, which represents 9 bottle of 10ml per month, for a price of 5€ per bottle.

Of course, you can modify the information so that it corresponds to your vaping profile. You will obtain a more precise estimation.

Which electronic cigarette to economize?

Le Petit Vapoteur proposes cheap and complete electronic cigarette packs, as well as e liquids which are made in France at excellent prices and of quality. You can economise up to 200€ per month if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day.

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    Exceed Beginners Pack

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