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You have been searching for quite a while a concentrate which is close enough to your preferred Halo E Liquid? Henceforth, there is no need! The Brand Halo in effect have decided to bring out its own range of concentrated aromas, using their best-seller recipes. A real event. You can reproduce with a PG/VG Base and 1 or more Nicotine Boosters your favourite E Liquid. You will find on our Website the 5 Halo Concentrates: Tribeca, Prime 15, Turkish Classic, Malibu and Sub Zero. To be consumed with moderation. 

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  • Shop's favorite 6,90 € Concentrate Tribeca -  Halo

    Concentrate Tribeca - Halo

    The most famous of American Classics. The Tribeca by Halo is a Soft Classic with a light touch of Vanilla and Caramel.
    4.67/5 824 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • Shop's favorite 6,90 € Concentrate Sub Zero Halo

    Concentrate Sub Zero Halo

    An effect with numerous Menthol Concentrates with a fine sweet vape. A great Classic with Iced Menthol.
    4.79/5 545 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
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  • 6,90 € Concentrate Turkish Classic - Halo

    Concentrate Turkish Classic - Halo

    This typical taste of Classic, produced along the Black Sea. A half soft flavour for amateurs of light Classics, with...
    4.65/5 105 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 6,90 €  Concentrate Prime 15 - Halo

    Concentrate Prime 15 - Halo

    A mixture of Classic Flavours. The taste is a bit Earthy, but with a subtle softness which offers discreet notes of...
    4.7/5 79 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 6,90 € Concentrate Torque 56 -  Halo

    Concentrate Torque 56 - Halo

    An authentic and powerful experience in taste with this robust Classic. 10ml Bottle
    4.74/5 115 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 6,90 € Concentrate Longhorn -  Halo

    Concentrate Longhorn - Halo

    A Classic, dried on fire, with a taste of Corojo and Cavendish. 10ml Bottle
    4.79/5 75 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 6,90 € Concentrate Malibu Halo

    Concentrate Malibu Halo

    Proposed Menthol flavours like Pina Colada, mixture of Pineapple and Coco! Very refreshing.
    4.46/5 119 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml
  • 6,90 € Concentrate Freedom Juice -  Halo

    Concentrate Freedom Juice - Halo

    A soft e liquid but seductive, recall the essence of a Virginia Classic, pure and of first quality . 10ml Bottle
    4.71/5 42 Reviews
    • Bottle of 10 ml

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