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LPV presents their LPV Awards !

LPV presents their LPV Awards !

01/15/2024  /   Vaping News

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first edition of the LPV Awards! Yes, today Le Petit Vapoteur is eager to honour the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes  who have excelled in 2023 to bring you the best innovations.

To do this, it's you, dear members of the Le Petit Vapoteur community, who had the floor and voted for your favourite pods, pod mods, kits, boxes, and clearomisers. As always, you responded with a total of 4,817 voters for these LPV Awards!

Before we begin, a few clarifications. Firstly, to ensure perfect transparency regarding the results, products from our LPV brand were not selected and therefore are not among the nominees. Also, the percentages mentioned below will correspond to the expressed votes and will not take into account "blank" votes.

Enough chit-chat, let's discover without further ado who the big winners are in this first edition of the LPV Awards!

Pod Category

Pod-type electronic cigarettes have literally taken over the vaping market in recent years, and 2023 attests that the competition is extremely tough. Among all the novelties, one pod managed to stand out: the Ursa Nano 2 Pod from Lost Vape.

pod ursa nano 2 lpv awards | blog Le Petit Vapoteur


With 41.05% of the votes, the Ursa Nano 2 pod outshines its competitors such as the Xros 3 Mini pod from Vaporesso, which gathered 25.27% of the votes, or the Sonder Q pod from Geekvape, which obtained a score of 12.76%. Let's not forget to mention the Doric Q, Iore Crayon, and Dot Switch R pods, which collected 8.49%, 6.44%, and 5.98% of the votes, respectively. 

Congratulations to Lost Vape in first place!

Pod Mod Category

For those who don't know, pod mods are pods with more advanced features than "classic" pods, approaching, or sometimes equaling, the performance of boxes.

The votes were very close for this category; two pod mods had a hard time differentiating themselves and kept us on the edge until the last second. However, one of them managed to take a very slight lead over the other.

This is the Luxe XR Max Pod from Vaporesso, which garnered 34.37% of the votes and edged out the Aegis Eteno E100i Pod, which ended up with 34.20%. It was a close call!

pod luxe xr max lpv awards | blog Le Petit Vapoteur


The Luxe XR Pod, Vaporesso's big announcement at the Lyon Vapexpo, perfectly combines power and compactness with truly incredible performance for a pod of this size. 

Well-deserved recognition! Special mention to the Drag X2 pods (19.00%), BP Stik (6.74%), and Lightsaber X 21700 (5.69%).

Kit Category

For this category, six kits competed for the reward: the Z200 kit from Geekvape, the Centaurus M200 kit from Lost Vape, the Armour Max kit from Vaporesso, the Drag 4 kit from Voopoo, the iJust P40 kit from Eleaf, and the Ego Aio 2 kit from Joyetech.

It's probably thanks to its massive armour that the grand winner managed to resist the competition to take first place. You guessed it, I'm talking about the Armour Max kit from Vaporesso, which accumulated 36.90% of the votes and took home the trophy.

kit Armour Max Vaporesso LPV Awards | blog Le Petit Vapoteur


It is followed by the Z200 kit (23.20%), then the Centaurus M200 (18.60%), followed by the Drag 4 kit (12.73%), the iJust P40 kit (5.40%), and finally the Ego Aio 2 kit (3.17%). 

It's a second reward for the manufacturer who had a year full of innovations in 2023!

Box Category

What does this category hold for us? Who managed to stand out from the others to take home the reward?

Well, standing out is the right word to describe the big winner in the box category. With 42.13% of the votes, it surpassed its competitors. I'll give you a hint; it's the Z200 box from Geekvape with its massive 2.4" colour screen!

box Z200 Geekvape LPV Awards | blog Le Petit Vapoteur


There was tough competition for the Z200, with the Armour Max box (26.50% of the votes), the recent Centaurus M100 (16.14% of the votes), the Pulse V3 BF box from Vandy Vape (5.60%), the Warhammer 18650 box from BP Mods (4.90%), and finally, the Punk II 220W box from Teslacigs (4.72%). Geekvape can be proud, offering a product different from what we are used to seeing. It proves that being original pays off!

Clearomiser Category

We conclude these LPV Awards with clearomisers. Beautiful offerings were presented throughout the year by different manufacturers. DL vaping was mainly highlighted in 2023 by the brands. Vapour and flavours were the watchwords to savour the aromas of your favourite e-liquids.

The nominees in this category are: the iTank 2 from Vaporesso, the Z Fli tank from Geekvape, the Fat Rabbit V2 from Hellvape, the Centaurus Sub Ohm from Lost Vape, the Atlantis GT from Aspire x Taifun, and the Melo 6 from Eleaf.

Without further ado, the best clearomiser according to you is... the Z Fli Tank from Geekvape! with 35.21% of the votes.

Clearomiseur Z Fli Geekvape | blog Le Petit Vapoteur


The Z series of clearomisers is a true reference in the field, and the Z Fli honours and continues the lineage of the Z series. A well-deserved second reward for Geekvape! 

Let's applaud the other participants who did not disappoint: the iTank 2 (23.43% of the votes), the Fat Rabbit V2 (11.82%), the Centaurus Sub Ohm (11.58%), the Atlantis GT (9.81%), and the Melo 6 (8.15%).

That's it! It's already the end of this first edition of the LPV Awards. We would like to thank all the participants who continue to innovate to offer you exceptional vaping experiences through their equipment. The LPV Awards provided an opportunity for Vaporesso and Geekvape to assert their status as leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes by taking home two awards each. We also salute the work of Lost Vape, which excels in the pod category where the competition is fierce, and we don't forget all the others who contribute to offering you a wide variety of choices.

See you at Vapexpo Paris 2024 next March for the award ceremony! 

We wish you an excellent year 2024 full of vaping, which will undoubtedly be as flourishing in innovations as the previous one. Until next year!

Arthur & Sam

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  • 23,90 € Ursa Nano 2 Pod Lost Vape

    Ursa Nano 2 Pod Lost Vape

    A beautiful pod in 900 mAh and 2.5 ml in capacity. Automatic pull and choice of aeration in indirect inhaling in RDL.
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  • 69,90 € Armour Max Kit Vaporesso

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  • 47,90 € Z200 Geek Vape Box

    Z200 Geek Vape Box

    A beautiful strong box, 2 x 18650 batteries. 2.4-inch coloured screen, smart mode and 200 watt output power.
    4.88/5 26 Reviews
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  • 29,90 € Z Fli Tank Clearomiser Geek Vape

    Z Fli Tank Clearomiser Geek Vape

    A sub ohm clearomiser 29 mm in diameter with a capacity of 5.5 ml, top airflow and lateral opening.
    4.89/5 18 Reviews
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