Which rate of nicotine is for you ?

With our calculator, you will discover which rate of nicotine is ideal for your e liquid. Depending on your smoking profile and your nicotine dependency, this calculator will guide to which rate of nicotine is suitable for you to help you with your smoking cessation.

We can help you choose the nicotine dosage adapted to your profile.

For this, please answer the following questions

How many cigarettes do your smoke per day?

In the morning, how long after waking up do you smoke you first cigarette?

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Do you find it difficult to abstain from smoking in places where it is prohibited

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Which cigarette is the hardest to give up?

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Do you smoke a close intervals during the first few hours of the morning or during the rest ofrnthe day?

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Do you smoke when you are sick that you have to stay in bed all day?

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You have a very strong dependency to nicotine

You have a strong dependency to nicotine

You have a low dependency to nicotine

Nicotine level recommended by the type of material

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How to use the nicotine rate calculator

The calculator is based on the Fagerström test which is used by several tobaccologist. In its original form to it allows you to quantify the level of tobacco dependency thanks to 6 questions. Le Petit Vapoteur has adapted to this test the electronic cigarette , with returned experience from customers, to propose a simple and rapid method to your find your rate of nicotine.

The calculation of your nicotine rate is done with the answer provided by the following 4 questions:

  • How many cigarettes do you smoke?

This is the first question and is surely the most important. It allows you to recognise your daily consumption and how much nicotine you absorb every day. With this information it is possible to quantify your needs and it proposes the best rate of nicotine which allows you to appease. The calculator will then weigh the result with data provided, depending on your needs, which are addressed in the next 3 questions.

  • How long after waking up do you smoke your first cigarette?

This question can seem futile, but it can determine to estimate your nicotine dependency. After having slept, the presence of nicotine in your body is at its lowest during the day. If you smoke as soon as you wake up, it means that the lacking sensation is immediate, and your dependency is important. This is therefore pertinent information as it exists for example light smokers who are very dependent on nicotine. The opposite can also be true.

  • Can you abstain from smoking in a certain place where it is forbidden without any difficulty?

This third question also gives the indication of your nicotine dependency. In a closed public space, smoking is forbidden in several countries. If you feel the lack quickly and it is difficult to handle, it is a sign that your dependency is too high.

  • Which cigarette would you find the hardest to give up?

This last question compliments the 2nd question. Often it is the first cigarette which is the most difficult to let go of for the reasons above.

To know more about the nicotine contents in an e liquid, we invite you to read about it in our guide.