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To vape with multiple sensations, the D'lice E-liquids imposes the liquid for you. D'lice is a range complete of Premium for Electronic Cigarettes made in France. The D'lice E-Liquids propose for you to discover a lot of flavours and fresh and strong aromas for the pleasure of your taste buds. 

The D'lice E-Liquids are fruity and gourmet, to be consummed with moderation and allows your to find the taste of good things, Cola, Apple, Pastis or Fresh Mint. For you to find the D'lice E-liquid which suits you best. 

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The D’lice E-Liquid

Mojito, Cola, Mint, Apple, Pineapple, Citrus Fruits... The D'lice E-liquid for the Electronic Cigarette promises intense moments of vape. The large range proposes by the brand will satisy all vapers and there gourmet tastebuds. With also the classic blonds and brown. D'lice revisits Cocktails and Sodas: Mojitos, Pastis, Cola.... they have already conquered a large number of vapers. The amateurs of Fruit will find there happiness with the D'lice E- liquids for the Electronic Cigarette: Raspberry, Apple, Apricot, Red Fruits.. if all the recipes are different. D'lice have added a small personal touch in each of their creations: Freshness.. The invention of the recipe of the production, passing the packaging of the product D'lice is entirley manufatured in France. For optimal vaping, the base of the D'lice e-liquids is composed of 80% Propylene Glycol and 20% Vegetable Glycerine. Even if the great quality has made its reputation of the brand, it always proposes the a non expensive produtc. A rapport of quality price which will make the vapers happy.