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The Ekoms 20ml brings you complete orginality that you can dream of. You will like the classics ans candy aromas of Grilled Hazelnuts? Try the Blend 44 E Liquid! Or fruity ? The Big Fat Flood is made for you. Made in France, the e liquids are available in 35/65 PG/VG so you can make the most of a good dose of vapor. Sold in 0mg in nicotine, this product has all the assests of great quality e liquid. 

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Ekoms is a young brand from toulouse which opened in 2013 and since has created and produced quality e liquids and is adapted to all types of e liquids to vape. The manufacturer is also a member of the elboration commitee AFNOR for e liquids. 

The e liquids will subtly disturb the tranquillity of your tastebuds. Horribly good, each of the products are available in 35/65 PG/VG so you can benefit with a good dose of vapor. Procure originality that you dream of. The Greench E Liquid hides inside a 20ml bottleand is horribly good...Vape a delicious pistachio flavour! The e liquids have all the assets of great quality. 

Note: the e liquids contain no nicotine in accordance with the law in force. You can add a nicotine booster to obtain the desired mixture.