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Do you wish to start vaping? Le Petit Vapoteur proposes a choice of All in One Electronic Cigarettes amongst our selelction. Your pack is composed of an Electronic Cigarette and liquid, consumables (such as the coils for example) and a number of e liquids which allows you to discover classic flavours. You will have all the essentials to immediately start vaping. Your Electronic Cigarette Pack will be commonly used and is appreciated by beginners in vape. 

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  • Sale 3,90 € La Petite Puff

    La Petite Puff

    Discover the La Petite Puff, a disposable electronic cigarette with fruity and fresh flavours proposed by LPV.
    4.5/5 101 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • E liquide Gum Menthe
  • New colors 29,90 € First LPV Beginners Pack

    First LPV Beginners Pack

    The perfect pack to discover the electronic cigarette with the First LPV and 3 Le Petit Vapoteur e liquids.
    4.62/5 128 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Choice
  • 19,90 € XROS Mini Beginners Pack

    XROS Mini Beginners Pack

    A pack to easily discover a vape with nicotine salts and Le Petit Vapoteur e liquids of choice.
    4.34/5 29 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Choice
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  • 25,90 € Noïd Lab +  CBD Marie Jeanne E LiquidPack

    Noïd Lab + CBD Marie Jeanne E LiquidPack

    The Noïd.Lab Vape Pen with 10 ml in CBD Marie Jeanne E Liquid. Five flavours to choose from in 600 mg.
    4.68/5 22 Reviews
    • Your e-liquid choice
    • Concentration CBD 600 mg/ml
  • 29,90 €  Exceed Beginners Pack

    Exceed Beginners Pack

    A pack which is ready to vape, composed of the Exceed D19 and 3 LPV E Liquids
    4.59/5 1314 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Colour
  • 29,90 € Q16 Pro Beginners Pack

    Q16 Pro Beginners Pack

    A simple and efficient kit to begin the electronic cigarette, a vape in indirect inhaling. With 3 e liquids.
    4.57/5 133 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Colour
  • 38,90 € GTX One Beginners Pack

    GTX One Beginners Pack

    A pack of e liquids and electronic cigarette, compact and performant for vaping in tight pull. 2000 mAh.
    4.68/5 224 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • Colour
  • New option 6,90 € Elf Bar

    Elf Bar

    Discover the Elf Bar, disposable pods, 600 mAh. Fruity and gourmet flavours.
    4.55/5 727 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • E liquide
  • 9,90 € Barrel GELATO Full Spectrum CBD Marie Jeanne

    Barrel GELATO Full Spectrum CBD Marie Jeanne

    A puff with Gelato flavours with floral notes. 500 mg Full Spectrum and autonomy of 600 puffs.
    4/5 9 Reviews
    • Concentration CBD 50 %
  • 9,90 € Paam Puff Weecl

    Paam Puff Weecl

    Discover fruity and floral flavours, 100 % natural, 600 puffs.
    4.5/5 6 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate 0 mg
  • 9,90 € Barrel CBD Marie Jeanne

    Barrel CBD Marie Jeanne

    Discover disposable CBD puffs with hemp flavours, gourmet and fruity.
    4.05/5 97 Reviews
    • E liquide
    • Concentration CBD 10 %
  • 14,90 € Puud CBD Marie Jeanne

    Puud CBD Marie Jeanne

    A rechargeable puff, USB puff with a pre-filled cartridge with Marie Jeanne 50mg/ml CBD e liquid.
    3.75/5 4 Reviews
    • E liquide
  • 7,90 €  Elfa Pro Elfbar Kit

    Elfa Pro Elfbar Kit

    An electronic cigarette with a rechargeable battery and pre-filled cartridge with a choice of flavours.
    4.2/5 10 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate 20 mg
    • E liquide
  • 27,90 €  Nexi One Pack Aspire

    Nexi One Pack Aspire

    A kit with the Nexi cartridge to begin the electronic cigarette with sensations close to a real cigarette.
    5/5 3 Reviews
    • Nicotine rate
    • E liquide
  • 29,90 € Cosmo A2 Beginners Pack

    Cosmo A2 Beginners Pack

    A pack with e liquids, an all-in-one electronic cigarette of a small size, simple and performant with automatic...
    Waiting for your comments!
    • Colour
    • Nicotine rate
  • 27,90 € XRos 3 Mini Beginners Pack

    XRos 3 Mini Beginners Pack

    A pack of e liquids and Xros 3 Mini electronic cigarette by Vaporesso, simple and performant with 3 LPV e liquids
    Waiting for your comments!
    • Nicotine rate
    • Colour

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