In 2023, Le Petit Vapoteur has become a  "Mission-Driven Company," a status introduced by the Pacte Law (Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation) in 2019. This status allows companies to establish a purpose that integrates the consideration of the social, societal, and environmental impacts of their activities. The goal is to reconcile the pursuit of economic performance with contributing to the general interest. For Le Petit Vapoteur, this decision represents a natural step in its history as the company has been implementing environmental, societal, and social actions for several years already..

Our Purpose :


This is the purpose of Le Petit Vapoteur ! To bring it to life, LPV has committed to 4  social, societal and environmental objectives:

Committment N°1 : Value and Promote the vaping industry

Making vaping accessible to underprivilged individuals

Commitment No. 2: Prioritise the social and solidarity economy of the region and engage with charitable organisations.

Local Anchoring: Le Petit Vapoteur and Normandy

Engaging with charitable organisations

Commitment No. 3: Reduce the impact on the environment and preserve biodiversity.

Recycle and revalorise all of our waste.

Integrate environmental criteria into purchasing practices

Promote ecological behaviours among employees.

Preserve and encourage biodiversity.

Commitment No. 4: Promote social inclusion and contribute to the personal development of its employees

Combat exclusion and discrimination

Promote the fulfilment of its employees

In March 2023, Le Petit Vapoteur received an award in the "CSR GRAND PRIX" category at the 10th edition of the Growth Companies Summit. This recognition complements the achievement of the Mission-Driven Company status.